Cyber Security Protection from Threats Personal Essay

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Cyber Security is the practice of protecting the computer systems, network connections, and application programs from threatening digital attacks occurring from within the technological spaces. These types of cyber attacks are usually targeted at accessing, infecting, changing, and destroying sensitive informational data from being transferred and stored from system-to-system or network-to-network. Other activities that got affected such as extorting the memory data and spaces from the users’ accesses and systems, interrupting business and other general processes (downloads, uploads, reports, forms, investments, etc.), and having the files and data stolen out of nowhere. A procedure in executing an effective cyber security protection measures is extremely challenging nowadays to detect and identify on what tools and ways are necessary to defend from the incoming threats, because the advance technological devices are more than just their users only as the protection benefits, as the attackers are becoming more aware and innovatingly manipulative. During these late generations than from the past, computer and network attacks are growing into a danger to the organizations, managements, employers, and the societies. In the business perspective, the threats are designed to enter and break the information assets and extract the economic data files from within the company system. They can, as an effect, ruin the business cycle and damage the management’s and the people’s financial, economic, and personal lives.

The aim of this feasible study is to find out the concept about how the cyber security protection is effective and secure against the digital threats that have occurred to each and every us as users during our regular and working routines. By researching on what are the issues that involved within this case, how we can identify based on what the users assumed and experienced via qualitative methodology, and summarizing the concept of the information security to protect from the virtual threats from occurring.

This report determines how the cyber security can be effective in protecting the users from the attacks within the computer and network systems. The following statements indicate on how the people developed the issues that appeared by their processes, based on their personal perspectives in encountering the computer threats and what procedures they believe that can answer and solve their digital routine problems:

  • What kind of cyber threats that are evolved from the users’ systems, and where do these usually occur?
  • How do the users feel from these corrupted encounters within their networks, devices, and computers?
  • Based from the users’ points of view, what are the ways to avoid and resolve these digitalized issues?
  • What are the security methods or applications that the users can trust for their cyber protection?
  • Is this security protection enough to aid the users’ help in avoiding the next upcoming threats?

These goals provide the foundation in preparing the cyber protection to defend and protect against the arrival of the virtual threats. The most common goal that is advantageous in balancing the cyber security system is the C.I.A. system: Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability.

  • To know what is meant by the cyber security and find the possible solutions against the threats.
  • To respond, resolve, and recover from the cyber attacks and incidents.
  • To classify the information assets and data by safeguarding the confidentiality.
  • To understand the integrity in order to produce the complete and safest access and storage of the data.
  • To maintain the availability in order to have the ability to enter through the authentication and authorization as users without any corrupted conflictions.

Internet, the world’s primary network connection around the globe, has been developing and evolving faster than before, due to the online users’ usage rates. As a result, so does the virtual protection systems. A term, cyber security, refers to “the systematic body of technologies, processes, and practices that are designed to shield the networks, devices, programs, and data from online attack, damage, extraction, or unauthorized entry”. This phrase became an essential in the year and generation of 1994, and nowadays, the virtual security began to be the primary subject for the computerized body locally and internationally. Majorly in the United States of America, Cyber Security is currently a critical confliction which caused most of the societies to not apprehend about it. However, it literally aids our general and personal viabilities in our daily basis, maintaining our safety against the digitalized assaults. Without the cyber protection means, the cyber attacks can take the opportunities in looting our very most important and sensitive information assets and data, such as our personal information, usernames and passwords, ATM bank data, as well as the account tasks if these are stored in certain websites or public databases. As the U.S. administrative and capital districts were plotting a number of approaches in sustaining the speed of the incoming digital attackings, the citizens of America begin to make an assumption and second thoughts regarding if the superiors’ motives are capable to defend and counter the cyber threats, but in secrecy, weakening and corrupting in reaching through the limits of the civil and law regulations and systems. Therefore, the overall structure of computer protection has been a friend and an foe of the entirety of the United States of America, ever since from the traditional to the modernized generations of their time.

Information Technology Security

In addition to this segment, the Information Technology Security domains have critical hardships and challenges to organized and defend against the arrival of cyber threats. Thus, the computer protection has been pacing down and lower, leading the attacks to be more effective and beneficial than the previous with this possibility.

Like how physical security is done in most of the capital and regulating occasions, notable practices and measures appear into action in order to stop and avoid the incoming attacks from going through the systems. However, technology-wise, the masked online assaulters steal the chance to take over the system changes and controls within the security network canals, using the “easy-to-take” virtual protection design in accessing through the safeguarded premises in collecting the copyrighted trademarks and information assets. Additionally, this can also cause the insufficiency of reflex in managing the computer systems, networks, and data, including the internal users’ accounts and databases at the same time, affecting the narrowness of the security inspection of the firms’ operations data and reports. In terms of companies on this current generation, most of the clarifications involve the major delivering areas in acquiring and locating the contraptions for the data access, transportation, and storage. However, things have become complex when the network or data limited interruptions occurred in the middle of transferring and storing processes, making the computations difficult to detect and identify the situation.

Retaining consent causes its rules and legal uses to be responsive towards technological demonstrations and tasks. However, it doesn’t mean it can be generated to be extra securing for the sake of the computer protection in association with compliance. In order to gather for the necessary defense and safety in opposition to the incoming cyber threats, it is said that it is advantageous or beneficial to acquire more informational data and details in order to “shield” from the attacks. However, due to the storage and access of the devices and systems, it is not possibly applicable to absorb all of these data for it can trigger more extractions from the hackers and phishing, part of the cyber threats, in taking away the data which was saved within the users’ sites and applications. Plus, each and every of these machineries and gadgets have limited memory spaces, and therefore, the inability to insert all of the sensitive files at once to keep them secure and safe. But, with the wise decision making, choosing the best and particular selection of tools and database banks to transfer and store multiple files in an organizing way can aim to transform these into a thinkable effort and enhance the overall conditional consciousness.

This report uses the qualitative method in acquiring the data regarding of the effectiveness of the cyber security concepts in defending from the computerized threats. One of the qualitative methods being essential for this research is the questionnaire or survey. The survey provides the questions given from the statements of the problem and their choices depend on how the users give their responses based on the required questions. In this assignment, there are 20 users, notably the BSBI students, who volunteered to answer the survey and present their options based on how they experienced from the computer attack encounters and how they remarked in finding ways to solve their conflictions. Thus, the number of responses can state which option has the highest data to identify the main answer of each questions that is assuming in the people’s general points of view.

Based from the ensued data from the survey, we discovered the following responses that are mainly stated according to the users’ incidents with the cyber threats and their belief on what type of security programs can fix their digital issues:

  • The participated users explained or picked their option that they have faced miserably the cyber attacks or threats from their computer systems. However, instead of living in despair and unlike from common options of expressions, the majority maintained their positivity in finding the techniques or methods in order to fix their digitalized conflicts, assuming that it won’t take long for the threats to take over the systems completely and destroying them for good.
  • Out of 20 users, most of them confronted the computer viruses coming from their systems, which are common in every computer and network system happening globally. This statement connects to the point where the users remained positive in hopes to resolve the computer issues.
  • The main scenario of where the users faced the cybercrime is from visiting the sites that are unofficial and has no commercial or governmental rights and should not be fully trusted. This type of sites is consisted with infectious cyber viruses and it is the hackers’ space to extract and steal the account data from the online visitors.
  • Most of the users assumed that both anti-virus softwares and security codes like CAPTCHA, two-factor authentication, etc. are the best solutions to protect their accounts and systems from the cybercrime, for these two are commonly used by the most number of people for their digitalized programs.
  • The follow-up shows how the users perceive that they are quite happy when they settled the installed security programs within their network and computer systems, declaring that they are certain the cyber attacks won’t bother them anymore during their social, business and general online activities and importances. Unless, they will secure and maintain their system from any incoming threats if they will bother them again.


Cyber Security is the defensive measures served as the “blockages” as opposed towards the cyber infections that are affecting the internal administrations of the computers, networks, and devices, and it is greatly needed by the people who have the urgent to get rid of these conflictions as soon as possible. Although, what we have recently discovered, is that the digital secure protection is described not only as an ally, but also as an opponent due to the residents’ speculations regarding of the essential attempts from the political and economic sectors in improving the data stability and security of the local and international digital systems. Connecting to this and based from the participants’ responses, they exhibit how each of their results caused the up and down effects from the cybercrime events they have all confronted. Nevertheless, the feedbacks display the “silver linings” in fixing the problems they have faced from their daily virtual processes. Overall, the topic of the cyber security protection unveils the equilibrium between the advantages and the disadvantages in applying the importance of the computer protection against the cybercrime activities and social groups (criminals, hackers, spies, etc.) which occurred in any type of case areas, in addition with the perception of the consequences that will trigger in reality, or at the time when people will realize the true happenings in utilizing this explanatory type of modern security as a guarantee, wisely or foolishly.


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