Characteristics of the Geeks and Nerds Subculture

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Did I doooo thaaaaaaat? A famous phrase said by the worlds biggest nerd, Steve Urkel. When you think about a nerd, you usually picture a person that doesnt look like the rest of society. You see a person whose pants come up to their shins, and whose thick black rimmed glasses that are being held together by only a single piece of masking tape. Pocket protectors are another favorite item of the typical nerd. Pit stains are present on their two sizes too small T-shirt that features Captain Kirk and the Starship Enterprise. You think of them as being anti-social and only involved with the Chess Club or the Math Club, forever punching numbers into their calculators.

Geeks have the same essence that nerds have, but are much more interested in the world of technology. The computer geek is very drawn into the world of cyber space-so drawn into that world that they often forget to bathe themselves. They tend to have greasy hair and their skin is disposed to blemishes. Geeks enjoy the world of science fiction, and like to play strategy games such as Dungeons and Dragons and Magic the Gathering. They love to watch the Star Wars Trilogy and discuss the force on a regular basis. Their appearance is like that of the nerd, but they also have long fingernails because they dont know what a nail clipper is. In addition to that they have a full mouth of metal. Geeks and Nerds also typically have a distinct high pitch nasally voice accompanied by a laugh that could make a hyena run and hide.

Why are Geeks and Nerds the way they are? One theory has to do with genetics. If their parents were geeks or nerds, they will inevitably become one. If the father was a member of the math team or chess club and sported a brand new pocket protector every week, chances are that his son will do the same. If the parents were anti-social their children will become anti-social as well. Another theory is that they dont get along with other people so they turn to the computer and homework, something that will not scoff at them. They become so wrapped up in their work that they don t realize that they smell and that they need a shower. The thought doesnt cross their mind that nobody wants to be around them when they dont shower except for those who dont shower either.

Some geeks and nerds have come out from behind their computer screens and the dark and dankness of their basements to become the richest and most well known people in the world. Bill Gates, a typical computer geek is now the richest man in the world. Of course, he made all his money from his little computer business, Microsoft. He was a high school dropout along with one of the biggest nerds of all time, Albert Einstein. Albert was the most famous mathematician in the world. His theory of relativity is still the basis of much mathematical and scientific exploration. In addition, another globally known nerd is, Alex Tribeck, Mr. Jeopardy, how can he know all of the answers?

Geeks and nerds have their own subculture that involves Captain Kirk and conversations about the Starship Enterprise and the force. Most of them do not care about personal hygiene or about what the other social norms are. Many more geeks and nerds are coming out into society and making an abundant sum of money. Is it time for revenge of the nerds? Maybe.

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