Assessing Family Values in the United States

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According to Rocchio (2018), in the United States of America, the dominant culture is that of the white Americans, whose lineage is that from the Northern Europeans. In the course of the research, a healthcare worker in the United States of America carried out a sampling exercise to assess’ family values by comparing and contrasting the values of the white middle-class Americans. The healthcare worker disbursed questionnaires to known white middle-class Americans families who visited the health centers in Alabama, which has the highest population of the white middle-class Americans. The results assessed that 53% of the families’ accent social values from their ancestors were slowly eroded away, 7% were not sure and 40% were of those families who had maintained the accent values. Additionally, the results unveiled that some new family structures had evolved and unlike in the past where families were initiated by people of different sex, now some families are initiated by homosexuals.

The method used in assessing the family values, I think it was very appropriate since it portrayed the real state of American family values. In the past few years there has been a decline in the ethical moral standards of the American people. Legalization of homosexuality in the United States has landed a huge blow to the family values. Original values had men to marry women but due to the decay, now some of the Americans find it right to marry persons of their own sex. It is very devastating to witness the decay of moral and ethical standards among the white American people. In conclusion, America would be a very a great nation if only, people would observe high moral and ethical standards and stand firm with the traditional family values.


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