What I Think about Myself

Updated June 26, 2021

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What I Think about Myself essay

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The more I ask about this question into myself, the more I got lost into my own mind. There is no certain answer to this question about who I am. What kind of adjectives that could summarize who am I or what other people’s perception that precisely describe my personality? Sometimes, I also confuse where should I start the story. It is definitely a simple question with complex answers.

The first thing that comes up when I think about myself is, I am a hard-working person. I tend to put a lot of effort into everything that I work on. I always try to give my best even if sometimes things don’t work out well for me.

For instance, I don’t do well in math, but I ask questions to my lecture and trying to find my friend’s help in order to understand and finish the assignments. I always feel that I am responsible for myself; hence, I work hard in learning and believe that this will shape me into a better version of mine.

Another thing is people often mistaken me at the first glance. My friends once told me that I look like I’m an introvert and careless person from my outlook.

However, once they got to know me, they said that my real personality is 180 degree different from what they had thought. I guess they were right. I take time to make place in friendships. I consider myself as a considerate person, since I like to observe people and think twice before I speak so I don’t hurt their feelings.

I always find myself speaking differently based on what kind of inner traits that they have. If you’re a sensitive person, I would build a wall just to carefully scan my word’s choice. It is hard to make friends for me; therefore, I try not to mess around and stay loyal to my inner circle. Nevertheless, nobody’s perfect. There is always a single crack even in diamond’s beauty. I think too much due to my hard-working characteristic.

I think of many possible worst scenarios and put myself under pressure thinking about things that can ruin my works. In other words, I get worried easily into things that are barely to be happened. As long as this writing goes, I keep wondering that this would never going to be enough to describe who I am.

I could answer this truthfully and confidently about who I am today, but I can be a totally different human the next day. They say people change like seasons. With my differ personalities depend on the circumstances and people whom stay around me, I am just completely a human with infinite things to describe who I am.

What I Think about Myself essay

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