About Myself: Who I Really am

Updated June 26, 2021

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About Myself: Who I Really am essay

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Me, myself and I. When asked to describe my personality I never know what to say, but I should know myself the best, right? I like to look at myself as a genuine, and thoughtful young lady. I believe in hard work, and that nothing is every handed to you so you have to go earn it. I worked hard to get where I am today and continue to work even harder to get success and graduate. I care for others more than I do myself but I have a huge nonchalant attitude.

I was taught to be caring and thoughtful; I wasn’t taught anything else other than not to trust people on first chance. I’m the odd one in the family, because I have nothing in common with anyone in the family. I can say I was taught to believe in myself because then I can accomplish anything. Also, I don’t like to show much anger or sadness, I’m always smiling because I am optimistic about life. I look at life as if something anything bad to happen, there’s no need to worry about, take it as a lesson and move on.

The results of my humanmetrics assessment showed me to be an ESTP, which stands for Extravert, sensing, thinking and perceiving (www.humanmetrics.com/cgi-win/jtypes1.htm) while the results of my Kiersey assessment concluded I was a Guardian personality (www.keirsey.com/sorter/register.aspx). As a Guardian, it’s someone who can have a lot of fun with family and friends, but still serious about their duties and responsibilities. As a Guardian, I take pride in being dependable and trustworthy. If there’s a job that needed to be done, guardian can be counted on to do the job.

According to Keirsey, “Guardians also believe in law and order, and sometimes worry that respect for authority, even a fundamental sense of right and wrong, is being lost. Perhaps this is why Guardians honor customs and traditions so strongly — they are familiar patterns that help bring stability to our modern, fast-paced world.” I very much agree and relate to this trait. I see myself as a trustworthy person who is responsible and want the best outcome. Also, I have to agree I am loyal and hard working.

Like I said before I do believe I’m a hard worker if I put my focus into it. I also believe I am very helpful. If I see anyone in need, I don’t over think the situation, but straight up go help in need. I believe in what goes around, comes around. Even at social gatherings I like to talk about my everyday life and the happenings at work and family, rather than something new or different ideas.

As Guardian, I’m always working and focused on credentials, it may seem I have less time for leisure. But, I have a life outside of work. I find leisure in anything other than work. I believe I’m a Guardian only when I’m serious or something related to work. I do probably have a different trait when I’m with my friends and family. I find leisure in my comfortable zone, I need stable and familiar work patterns. My personality doesn’t really influence my leisure choices because I’m also someone who likes to take breaks and have fun after doing my duty.

For example, rewarding myself after long a day. I will continue this into the future. As a Guardian, I value my family and close ones. I take pride in caring for my family both by earning money to maintain the house and by looking after my family’s needs. I am also very basic and straight forward when it comes to making life decisions. I want to grow, get a degree, get a job, find a mate, raise a family, and if it all goes well, live a long and prosperous life. I expect to be held accountable and take responsibility for my actions.

I don’t like to ask for things, I like to work on my own and figure it out myself. I will continue this through-out my life and work life. I can also connect this to the hierarchy of needs, which is we must be safe, in good health, and have important and meaningful relationships and confidence before you are able to be the most that you can be (Leitner). This is also a Guardian step, earning my way to the top, with careful steps, and not apt to take shortcuts or the easy way.

Talking about work, the results of my Kiersey assessment (www.keirsey.com/sorter/register.aspx) also concluded that Guardian is more likely to be good at accounting. This is weird because I am doing accounting as of now. I think this is because I am good at assembling work where quality control is important. I feel comfortable with what I can see and touch.

Apart from Guardian, I am also someone who like to take risks, someone who’s high sensation seeker. The tendency for high sensation seekers to find value in stimulating reading and other external forms of stimulation may prove counterproductive in the classroom. In educational situations where little opportunity for creative or imaginative work is allowed, being a high sensation seeker may perform below their potential (Olson).

I agree with this statement made in the article, I do like to value in stimulating to prove counterproductive in school. I like to have it as it is. For example, I prefer to have professors tell me what they want to know instead of me doing the research, that way I don’t feel like I don’t have enough for the professors. At last, I feel it important to figure yourself out and know who you really are, and where you belong. I’m glad I took this test and figured who I am, and next time someone asks me, who I am, I’ll label myself as a Guardian.

About Myself: Who I Really am essay

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