What Does Professional Goal Setting Lead To

Updated May 2, 2022

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What Does Professional Goal Setting Lead To essay

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Communication: principle and practice” is that setting personal or professional goals help give us “long-term visions and short-term motivation,” but sorting our goals according to these four elements “purpose, strategies, tactics, or task” provide us with an even clear and organize action plan. For example, imagine trying to reach a destination you have never been before without planning it out. There is a strong possibility that you will end up going the opposite way of your intended direction. This is why setting goals along with the 4 elements are super important because it creates a roadmap for success and gives you a starting point and a destination to reach. I also learned that you should never let your “means become your end.” This grabbed my attention because most people including myself used too or still is suffering with what I refer to as “goals displacement,” coined by Robert Michel. Goals displacement occurs when a new goal replaces your initial goal. This is why the “strategy,” component stated above is very important because it lets people know why they are working, to begin with.

Issues of interest arising since the last journal. This should include, inter alia, special events, any difficulties being experienced, achievements, and things that you have learned. a. Before analyzing the budgets, I had to learn about the budgeting codes that each department uses when budgeting their anticipated fund distribution that they receive annually. This account codes range from 80120 – 80125. b. I learned how to analyze and calculate the total budget, encumbrance, and available balance of these accounts on the expenditure report on excel. I also learned how to find the percentage change in each fiscal year total budget from 2014 – 2018 and gave a “reason” as to why I think it increased or decrease. c. Lastly, I attended an interested workshop given by both Accounts payable managers Cadelie and Luz in the library from 2pm – 5pm about “travel expense and my wallet.” Employees are granted a T- card only if they travel 2 or more times a calendar year and cannot be used for personal use. T – Cards are under tax levy and is monitored by state and federal.

If the T – card is used for personal use central office will ask the A/P department to reduce the amount to $1. In addition, a large percentage of travel funds come from RFCUNY and that permissible travel expenses include transportation costs, lodging costs, sustenance cost (meals), conference registration fees, and visa fees. 3. Overview of the Organization. John Jay College of Criminal Justice was originated in 1964. John Jay is a senior college well known for being the “only liberal art college with a criminal justice and forensic focus in the U.S” (John Jay College Website). John Jay college mission is to help students achieve their academic goals in the criminal field so that they can become productive members of society. John Jay College offers its students many different services to support students’ academic growth including clubs, career, counseling, housing, and technology services. Below is a copy of JJAY organizational chart.

What Does Professional Goal Setting Lead To essay

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