TV and Film

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I have a connection of TV and Film because I like to watch Netflix and in soccer when season starts sometimes we watch film. I also watch film when I am not in season because it helps me learn more important things in film. So, here is how TV and Film were made.

In 1950s, a change in the Golden Age was developed and quick popularity of the home television. Television had been developed in the late 1920s through the rise and dominance of radio. So basically was it is saying is that radio was first developed then that’s how TV started coming around. RCA was one of the biggest companies in popularization. It had poured millions of dollars in developing television thats a lot of money. In 1939, President Roosevelt became the first president to make the first appearance on television and also a baseball game.

Technology was primitive and it was 15 minutes long for a one single camera film. World War 2 came along with a freeze and commercial television shortages, delayed every some parts of the rise. Before 1947, came along only a few thousands of Americans owned a television. Five years later it jumped 12 million. By 1955, half of the Americans had a TV.

CBS and Rutgers University studied interviewed families with a television. Americans have enjoyed experiences with a television in their homes. Families have unified new TV’s with parents and television socialize and connected way more with a help of spending more time with families.

Film was also good back in the old days because it had movies in black and white, movie pictures, theatrical film, and photoplay. Films were made onto a plastic film with a photochemical. Contemporary films are fully digital through a process of production, distribution, and exhibition. There was a graphic recording of spoken words, music and a lot of other sounds with images, it had a portion of a film exclusively and it isn’t projected.

Films were cultural created by specific cultures. Those reflected cultures, and it had an effect for them. Film is really an important art form and a source of popular of entertainment. Film is education and indoctrination that is also why sports watch film and also with for a game like are coach they have one of are managers film us at a game and we watch for are mistakes, it’s really educating to watch. Some of the films have became so popular in the attractions through a dubbing or subtitles of translate in the dialog of other languages.

I wanted to see how TV and Film became popular everyday. It’s really educating for film and people opened up for the television. My families watch TV all the time and I like to watch Netflix and there’s is a lot of people who like to watch TV. Especially football on TV we have cookouts and parties and also football on the television. And for soccer I watch film before a game and after a game. I also watch soccer games on television too. That’s why I have an experience with Tv and Film.

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