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Analyzing My Dream About Anime Character

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Summarize three theories presented in your textbook on why we dream (p.102). There’s not much information there so you will probably have to do some research. Freud’s wish fulfillment- According to this theory, one of the reasons we dream is due to unconscious desires. This explains why in a dreaming state, we tend to have…

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“Akira​” Anime Analysis

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Film Analysis

Akira ​is a famous anime film released in 1988 that is known for introducing the aspect of adult story based animation that isn’t made for children. In films like ​Akira,​ foul language, blood, violence, death, and drugs are present in the films. ​Akira ​is also known for presenting and establishing the neo-tokyo futuristic setting for…

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Anime “My Hero Academia” Summary

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Movie Review

Bokuno Hero Academia (My Hero Academia) Also known as BNHA is an anime that started airing in japan on April 3rd of 2016 and it instantly blew up with people cosplaying and its plot is also very interesting. Plot In a world where currently most of the human population possess superpowers, labeled as ‘Quirks’ following…

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Japanese Myths and Legends in Anime and Manga Naruto Analytical Essay

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These days, Japanese culture is very popular in the world. Despite being a small country in Asia, Japanese imperialism and old craftsmanship seem to be influential to foreigners. So many people are willing to visit Japan, learn Japanese, and research about Japanese myths and legends. But the most attractive, effective, and influential thing is manga….

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Anime “Naruto” Itachi Character Analysis

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Film Analysis

Naruto is a Japanese anime series that is based on a ninja world in which villages such as The Hidden Leaf Village, The Hidden Sand Village, The Hidden Rain Village, and many other villages live with their own morals and ways to live. Different clans live in each village. This Village happens to be one…

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A Compare and Contrast Analysis of Anime 1989’s Akira and 2001’s Metropolis

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Film Analysis

The Setting The settings of Akira and Metropolis are both placed firmly within the realm of science fiction, though the way that the two films go about depicting their respective science fiction universes is very different. These art styles and aesthetics take very different approaches to achieve the same goal, depicting a world that has…

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