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The word ‘Modernism’ is famously hard to characterize because of the term incorporates of an assortment of aesthetic and philosophical development which incorporate imagery, futurism, imagism, vortices information and others. Modernism is a movement of life of a gathering of individuals from a collectible or antiquated route to another method for living. It is the…



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“All That is Solid Melts into Air”

In his book “All That is Solid Melts into Air”, Marshall Berman defines modernity as a power, creating, destroying and then re-creating. Also, it can be described as any endeavor by modern humans to be subjects and objects of modernization, to understand the modern world and make themselves at home in it. REFERANS If modernism…



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Architecture Criticism Theories – Structures

In the December of 1956 issue of the Architectural Review, James Stirling appraised the newest production of the architect he respected the most, Le Corbusier. The piece, Ronchamp: Le Corbusier’s Chapel and the Crisis of Rationalism analyses the 1952 Chapel, Notre Dame du Haut in Ronchamp, France, discerning its atavistic detour and significance from the…



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The Evolution of William Yeats 

The evolution of style in William Yeats Poetry is extremely evident and obvious throughout his lifetime of being a poet. He went through a profound transformation of writing. From the imaginative style of romanticism to a complete one-eighty in the cynical modernism, Yeats had proven that he can handle both of these completely different styles….




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Modernism in Delhi

Modernism is the most important new style of architecture and design of the 20th century, which is associated with an analytical approach to the function of buildings, a strictly rational use of (often new) materials, an openness to structural innovation and the elimination of ornament. (RIBA, 2017) Modernism was first introduced to Delhi in 1911…



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Zaha Hadid vs Fumihiko Maki

Man has desired to build grand, elaborate structures for centuries. Even in the Bible, in the book of Genesis Chapter 11 it says, “a tower was erected so high it reached the heavens”. Sophisticated technology software such as AutoCAD wasn’t around, but through meticulous design and they were able to construct what we would call…



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Dissecting Neoclassical, Romantic and Modern Art 

Art is but conjecture. It begins with a man or woman creating. Whether rendering the work for themselves or to share with the world, they must make multiple decisions. One of those choices is the projection of style. The design of the artist’s handiwork will determine an audience and who may or may not be…



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The Modernism Era

The Modernism Era was a time that appeared to be the end of the world. Hopelessness and depression filled its people as they had experienced two world wars and were in the midst of an unpredictable arms race, forcing them to live their lives in fear. For most people, it was much easier to fall…


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This study has been designed to analyses the Effects of Pakistani Modern Drama on Youth of Lahore district .Researcher want to investigate the effects of Pakistani dramas on our life. Media has very powerful medium and has the energy to build the opinion on human . According to Stanley j. Baran (2004), said that media…



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Kenzo Tange

Kenzo Tange (1913 – 2005) is a continuously celebrated architect across the globe – but his home country is Japan. Born on Shikoku Island – Tange decided at an early age that architecture intrigued him. According to some versions of his story – a failed design of Le Corbusier’s work sparked an interest in the…



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