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The Miseducation of African American Culture

I will argue the systematic representation of African American has been program into the minds of viewers through film. These misrepresentations continue to be extremely harmful to those who’s only encounters with African Americans come from television and film. Since the beginning of African Americans being allowed on films, there has been a continuous lack…

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Cultural Identity and Diversity

Introduction Culture shapes a person’s identity by instilling certain values and influencing behavior. Members of a particular culture may share beliefs, behaviors, and norms that are shared from one generation to another (Cooke, 2016). There are different cultural diversities in the United States which include Asian, African-American, White, Hispanic, and Pacific Islanders. However, all cultures…

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Langston Hughes’ Poem Mother to Son

Langston Hughes represented the African American culture in his poems, describing his utmost feelings towards America during the racial segregation era. Hughes’ use of cultural slang was inspired by the places he lived, which revealed the despairing tone the African Americans felt during this time period. As a result, his poems often shared the same…

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Harlem Renaissance and African American Culture

Between the 1920s and 30s, African Americans from all over the south relocated themselves and their families to major cities like Chicago, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, and New York to escape the harsh realities of the south. African Americans were treated as second class citizens in the south because of Jim Crow Laws and segregation, African…

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African Americans’ Beliefs Regarding Health

Americans of African descents were people whose cultural heritage had been destroyed by slavery and that African Americans were not a distinctive cultural group. In The Politics of the Black “Nation” written by Matthew Holden Jr, describes culture by saying “Since culture is behavior learned in cohorts, it follows that when two groups ae separated…

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