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Women in Films

The film industry has had a recurring theme with its woman in film. The theme began as woman playing a secondary role to males and playing the victim that needs rescuing. The rise of feminism began in the 1950s until the 1970s, at first it was unpopular with the audience and did not make its…



Film Analysis

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TV and Film

I have a connection of TV and Film because I like to watch Netflix and in soccer when season starts sometimes we watch film. I also watch film when I am not in season because it helps me learn more important things in film. So, here is how TV and Film were made. In 1950s,…




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Marvel Film Franchise

These days, there seems to be no shortage in site for franchises. Studios today take this approach to minimize expenditures and increase revenue, via ticket sales, merchandise sales, and product placement deals. Because of this, blockbuster films are often called “two and a half hour commercials”. Hollywood takes this approach because of past film franchise…




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Structural Film

During the 1960s -70s there was a surge of underground films and a formation of new experimental film genres and styles, the most important of them being structural film. Structural film was named by P. Adams Stiney, an American critic, Structural film contradicted the emphasis of shocking subject matter which was the common style used…



Film Analysis

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Hollywood Films

Films and literary works have a profound importance in the day-to-day activities of humans. Social, cultural, literary and historical issues may be raised by a given literacy work or film by creating awareness of the issue at hand. Hollywood films are global leaders in the number of films watched in the whole world. These artworks…



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Realism and Neorealism in Film

Andre Bazin and Marcia Landy both talk heavily about realism/neorealism which is described as bringing stories grounded in reality into cinemas for a growingly complex audience. Using this realism, complex characters begin to grow out of stereotypes and the philosophical stance that sometimes you need to make big sacrifices to achieve the ultimate goal and…



Film Analysis

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Film Noir “Kiss Me Deadly”

The film noir genre arose in the wake of the Second World War. Some say it has not ended, while others insist that it ended with the development of Kiss Me Deadly (1955). In many ways, this film was the apotheosis of film noir since it managed to combine many of the features of film…



Film Analysis

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Careers in Film

When you think of film, most likely what you are thinking about is the movies that make the screen displaying famous actors that each and every one admires. Motion pictures have a way of appealing to the emotions and feeling of one another, which is why everyone loves a good movie. Though getting into the…



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The Film “Ikiru”

The black and white film, Ikiru, is about Kanji Watanabe, a man who has worked as a bureaucrat for nearly three centuries. Living his life in a very linear and minimalistic way, Mr. Watanabe is surprised with unpleasing news from his doctor. Finding out that he has stomach cancer, Mr. Watanabe is left with unpleasing…



Film Analysis

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The Holocaust Depicted Through Film

Because he represents the rest of the world during this time. Not many people, or countries, truly understood what was going on in the concentration camps, or how gruesome they were. Propaganda videos were sent out depicting the camps to be something completely different than they were. In the videos children were seen playing and…



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