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Accepting Different Cultures

Culture is tradition that people follow and use it to create their own identity. As, the world is progressing, more and more cultures are coming out and people are experiencing different cultures and embracing them. When people embrace and understand other cultures, it creates a diverse community where you can have noticed and celebrate together…


Different Cultures

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Role of Food in Different Cultures

Culture includes someone’s beliefs, customs, knowledge, religion and morals. Everyone has different cultures depending on where you were raised, or how you were raised. Many different people with different races, languages, religion and diversity of cultures have combined into one culture. We are all one human species. We are differed by our unique traditions and…


Different Cultures,

Food And Culture

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Blending of Different Cultures

Culture can be described as the characteristics and knowledge of a particular group of people. It includes language, religion, food, social habits, institutions like school, music and arts. Many cultures depend on religion, some would say religion is the biggest factor that shows the difference in cultures. Today there are more than 5,000 cultures in…


Different Cultures

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Kola Nuts in Different Cultures of Western Africa

Kola Nuts have been around since the 1800s and were prevalent in Western Africa. They are known to be used in both private and social settings. They are also used as a form of healing and medicine. They help with coughs and aide in digestion. They can also increase circulation, boost energy levels and metabolism…


Different Cultures

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End of Life Palliative Care in Different Cultures

End of life care varies across the globe. Different cultures have various traditions, beliefs, and most importantly particular actions that are unacceptable. Working in the health field means that all health care professionals must be educated, empathetic, and aware of what is expected of them to insure every patient receives the care that is respectful…



Different Cultures

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The Exploitation of Different Weaker Cultures throughout World History 

Millions of individuals all over the world share and hold different religious, ideological, and cultural beliefs. These groups make up have existed through millenniums of cultural shift and societal changes; overcoming challenges from within their own communities as well as threat from outside communities. The constant threat from different communities can be driven from a…


Different Cultures

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Understanding Cannibals as a Different Culture

Cannibals have been around for many centuries stretching across the globe and different varieties through different cultures. The stigma surrounding cannibals is dark and many cultures use it as a way to scare others or use them as a cautionary tale in today’s society. In Montaigne’s essay Of Cannibals, Montaigne is describing the cannibals that…


Different Cultures

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