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A History And Symbolism Of Tattoo

Tattoos have been discovered on mummies dating back to 3250BC. Otzi the ‘Ice Man’ had 61 tattoos covering his lower back, torso, lower legs and left wrist. History reasons that the intention for these tattoos was commonly to symbolise religious beliefs, wealth, and social status. During the 1700s captain James cook undertook many voyages, some…




Graffiti: Art or Vandalism

Should graffiti be considered art? Graffiti: Art or Vandalism Essay. … However, there is a debate between whether it is a form of art or vandalism. Graffiti artists debate that many do not understand the reason most graffiti artists take the risk of incarceration, fines, injuries, and in some cases death to paint a wall….



Art and The Law

In recent years there has been increasing interest in the definition of values ​​in the art market, both internationally and in Greece. The art of Appreciative Art is therefore called upon to provide substantiated answers, through specific scientific methodology and updated professional standards ( note 1 ), which must be followed consistently and rigorously by…



The Sculpture The Golden Madonna of Essen

The Golden Madonna of Essen is a sculpture of the Virgin Mary and the Infant Jesus. It can be distinguished by its wooden base covered head to toe with thin gold leaf sheets. Mary beholds a sense of elegance, her lengthy robe and upright posture signifies her royal type status. Mary’s expression represents a sense…



Chemigram: Science Behind an Art

Chemigram is an art technique that captures images direct onto light-sensitive paper with the use of chemicals. This art style was invented by Belgian artist, Pierre Cordier in the 1950s. The process of making a chemigram involves applying chemicals on an image on a photographic paper produced by an enlarger, a technical equipment used to…




Jane Alexander and South African Art

Introduction South African Art in general is art that produced by people who possess the territory occupied by the modern country of South Africa. The following essay will discuss South African Art and the role it played during the Aparthied era in a form of protest and/or resistant art, using one South African Artist and…



South Africa

Wanderer above the Sea of Fog

The art was created by Casper David Friedrich who was born in Greifswald, Swedish Pomerania (now northeastern Germany). The artwork was created in 1818 and is now located in the collection of Kunsthalle Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany. This was created to make political statements to Germany’s new ruling government (Nazis), often coded in subtle a way,…




Is Street Art a Crime or an Art Form? 

Street art has in a few years become a global sensation. The history of street art started in the beginning of the 1970s with tagging and writing names on public locations, like for example buildings, walls, mailboxes and tubes. Street art is all kinds of art created in public space, very often without official permission….




Art and Craft Activities 

The Montessori activities on art and craft can teach a thing or two about organization and order. Children materials for this activities should be; easy to get to, well-organized, striking, suitable for their age, appealing and guileless. The most important aspect of art and craft material for toddlers is their simplicity. The materials are expected…


Child development,


Why is Art and Literature Important to a Society

Without literature, there are no meaning of living life. Literature carries the moral values and provides an exposure to good literary works is essential at every phase of life as it develops critical thinking skills, fosters empathy for others. It can also be learning material for different areas including medicine, history, sociology etc. In this…




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