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Strategies for Preventing High School Football Injuries

I started my love of sports when I was very young. At three years old, I played flag football for a local youth league. I was not shy and withdrawn like the other kids. I was outgoing and energetic. I don’t know if the other kids were embarrassed to play or they just didn’t understand…



High School

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Football Needs Your Help

“Your talent determines what you can do. Your motivation determines how much you are willing to do. Your attitude determines how well you do it.” The famous coach, football athlete, and analyst, Lou Holtz, once said. Overall, many people admire and praise this man and the sport he played. The sport he played is football….



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Youth Football

In this paper, I will explain why youth football should not be taken away, but encouraged. First I will explain where football came from and how it has evolved over time. Then I will explain how the pros are stronger than the cons. The original founder of football is Walter Camp, also known as “The…



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How Football Was Made

Football is one of the most famous sports in america, but a lot of people don’t/didn’t know how it all started (like me). I love watching the Broncos, even though they aren’t that good. I never knew how football was started, and I wanted to inform you on how it did. In this paper I…



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Should Schools Ban Football?

Handley says, “Over 98 million people watched the Super Bowl last year of the Los Angeles Rams versus the New England Patriots” (par. 1). Football is a physical contact sport that was invented in 1892. It’s usually called football in the U.S and Canada. It’s the most watched sport in the United States. The size…




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Benefits of Football and Injury Risks

Thousands of hours of relentless training, along with even more time spent thinking about how to be the best at your assignment, all goes into a suspenseful yet exhilarating two hours. This is football. Football is arguably America’s favorite sport and is loved by millions. This sport can be played competitively from highschool to professional…



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Football and Men with Schizophrenia

Project Proposal Briefing Paper Football as a Social Interaction for Men Living with Schizophrenia within a Low Secure Forensic Unit The proposed secondary research project would examine the feasibility of introducing football as a social interaction for men living with schizophrenia within a low secure forensic unit. This desk-based research would not require any primary…



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What is Football Mean to Me

Football is an amazing sport. It is one of the most primal activities young boys participate in, even though it has been adapted to modern times with modern equipment and modern safety rules. It teaches teamwork, trust, and encourages being healthy. Football is a sport that I have participated in from fifth grade through Sophomore…



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Football Hero

Ty was disappointed and didn’t think that anything mattered. Even though he got underwear and even an ax to cut wood with. His parents died, and he went to Mrs. Tides office and that was during gym class. It left a big hole in his heart and he only answers what he thinks the teacher…



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Concussions and CTE Brain Injuries among Football Players

When you watch football and see a player get hit, chances are, you do not think much about it. Getting hit repeatedly over the course of one’s career can sometimes have significant effects. Research shows that concussions and other head injuries are becoming common in the NFL and can lead to serious issues down the…



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Number of teams: 32

Founded: September 17, 1920, Canton, OH

Commissioner: Roger Goodell

Next date: Sunday, February 6, 2022

Most titles: Green Bay Packers; (13 titles)

Headquarters: 345 Park Avenue; New York, NY 10154; U.S

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