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Cultural Appropriation Issue

Imagine putting hard work and effort into a project only to receive a letter grade F, but your classmate copies your work and receives an A. Wouldn’t that be upsetting? Dating back to 3000 B.C Africans have been braiding their hair in cornrows. Centuries ago in Africa, warriors and kings were identified by what style…

African American Culture,

Cultural Appropriation,


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Cultural Appropriation is not a Global Problem

Our hypercriticality will be society’s downfall. In recent times, we as humans have become so hypercritical about what we can and cannot do, wear, or say in our daily lives. In a world where we are blessed to endure this transitory, astonishing existence, life is too short to be judgmental about what people are wearing….

Cultural Appropriation,


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Understanding of Cultural Appropriation

Cultural appropriation is nearly visible everywhere; in fashion, in music, and even in hairstyles. The issue of cultural appropriation has always been pertinent, but arguably more prevalent today, as people are becoming more conscious of and vocal about their own particular cultures. Although bell hooks wrote “Eating the Other: Desire & Resistance” in 1992, her…

Cultural Appropriation,


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