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Understanding Mythology

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Greek mythology


How is the word myth used in popular culture? Many people view myths differently. Myths come from different cultures and religions that people live by. You can find myths in story books and tales. Many myths come from a tradition or from a different generation that are told continuously by the people of that origin….

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A Myths Connection: How Authors Have Used Myths in Literature

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Myths are interwoven in each of us. The stories they tell and the lessons they teach are fundamentally at the core of most literature. And therefore embedded into most of our childhoods, and everyone can connect to at least one. Whether it is the traditional myths most people think of, like the stories of Greek…

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Myths of Leprechauns

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We all know Leprechauns as the short, mischievous, green coated, mythical creatures that stores gold coins at the end of a rainbow with the myth that if you catch a Leprechaun, he will give you three wishes to let himself free; however, according to Irish mythology, Leprechauns were not the Leprechauns we know of today….

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Myths in Renaissance Artworks

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Myths are a “body of beliefs, fables, or legends belonging to a people, usually involving spiritual tales that reflect the philosophy of the culture” (Comstack, 2014). The important function that myths serve in society is telling why good and evil exist and the consequences of behaving outside of cultural norms. “Joseph Campbell described the hero…

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Similarities and Differences of North American and Central American Creation Myths

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Many creation myths share striking similarities despite the cultures being incredibly different. In reality, however, each myth has a different formula that fits each civilization and is made to explain the exact happenings for that specific group of people. Many people will argue that the North American and Central American creation myths are more similar…

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Influence of English Myths on J.R.R. Tolkien’s Works

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The English folklore and myths is a practice which took many numbers of centuries to create and develop in England. Some of this folklore may be traced back to its origins, while the descent of others is doubtful or disputed. These myths have been spread through England, some of these myths may be changed and…

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Role of Myths in Understanding Life and Death

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In this journal response I will use Power of Myth, the evolution of the term mythos according to Lincoln, and my notes regarding pantheistic and polytheistic myths to answer some of these questions and address my takeaway on the subject matter. Is suffering a good way to get to happiness? According to Campbell, the secret…

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Native Americans’ Myths

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Native American

Myths have been used all over the world to explain culture, the beginning of something, geography, natural phenomenons, and much more. They are inspired by beginnings, change, cultures, and uncertainties of existential questions. Native Americans have been telling stories about their history and beliefs for years. In the myth “The Tsunami,” the author included many…

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Definition of Myths

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Today, the term myth is used in everyday language to mean a falsehood or lie. But contrary to that belief, myth means quite the opposite. From a stellar point of view, a myth is considered to be something that is “truer than true”. It is important to remember that myths are not facts, although they…

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Role of Myths in Marlowe’s, Tolkien’s, and Metallica’s Works

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Growing up, many of us have heard stories that are both myths and, in some way, wrapped around some sacred stories with an underlying religious message. Then later have seen movies or books that use these same plots or stories past down from generation to generation from cultural folk stories. Many have an unfolding theme…

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