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Should Minors Be Able to Get Tattoos and Piercing without Parent Permission? 

Have you ever thought about getting a tattoo, or a body piercing? If you have what would you want, but how old are you? If you are younger than 18 then the only place you can get pierced is on your nose and your ears, no tattoos though. Also, as long as they’re safe and…


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Reasons Why Minors Should Not Get Tattoo

When you were a teen (minor), did you want to do crazy experimental things? Are you glad you didn’t because you would’ve regretted it? That’s why minors shouldn’t be allowed to get a tattoo without a parent’s permission. I believe teens shouldn’t get tattoos because they’re in a very influential part of their lives and…


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Tattoo Sanitation

Introduction The popularity of body art has grown significantly in the 21st century. At least seven out of 10 people born after 1985 have at least one body tattoo. As a result, states have a hard time regulating and keeping pace with this unique art. Ranging from tattooing to body piercings, to body painting, state…


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Tattoos and Social Deviance

Tattoos have long been regarded to be for people who are social deviants. The majority of people with tattoos have little to no violence or criminal history. While a majority of people with tattoo’s pose no threat or harm, there are others that do. Tattoos play an important role in many cultures despite their bad…


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Inuit Women’s Tattoo

Tattooing has been an integral part of cultures all over the world for centuries. It was and continues to be used to identify, distinguish, and in some cases beautify the adorned. Many people today view tattoos as the ultimate form of self-expression using bold colors, their favorite quotes or intricate designs to convey a message…


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“The Tattooer” by Tanizaki

“Tattoos exude pain and pleasure all at the same time.” is a quote by Chester Bennington that can summarize a major theme within the story in a few short words. In “The Tattooer” by Tanizaki, the story follows a plot in which two complex characters are destined to interact with each other each by a…



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Perception of Tattoos in Society

The decoration of the human body has taken place since the beginning of the species. Outward appearance is as important, if not more important, than inward beliefs. It allows humans to form an idea of a person’s personality before even meeting them. Even societies which never met each other developed their own ways to decorate…


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Tattoos in Modern Society

Tattoos can be controversial thing in today’s society, where it seems everyone has their two cents on the topic. I think you can look at tattoos in two ways, a form of expression or for aesthetic purposes. Although tattoos are more prominent in millennial, there is still a lot of stereotype surrounding tattoos. For example,…


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What You Need to Know before Get Your First Tattoo

You go into a shop, tell the tattooer what you need, and set up an arrangement. Be that as it may, there’s a couple of things that a first-time client should know to start off on the best foot. So here’s 3 hints to remember before you get inked up. Tattooer You’ll certainly need an…


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Tattoo on the Workplace

Tattoos have been described as mistakes, often as art, and passionately as the right to freedom of expression. How one’s work environment reacts to personal style choices may be the result of their predisposition to classify things into palatable groups. When identifying groups as a higher or lower class, one assigns a feeling of worth…


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