Threats on American Immigrations on U.S.-Mexico Border

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The threat about “crisis” in most cases is being invoked in describing the border region of U.S and Mexico. A strategy is utilized in this paper with aim of painting the border in terms of a threat to general security that in response it is allowing issues to revolve around the dignity and human rights being ignored at the border. Using the language of President Trump and his allies on anti-immigrant they are taking steps of “building the wall”. He argues it will incorporate technology based military, the law enforcement by the regional patrol team will also be increased and at the same time punishing harshly undocumented border-crossers. The crisis on the border revolves around politics, history and people. The paper will be produced on the threats of migration-immigration faced by the American state.

Just as all other factors in physical geography such as river actions, the carving of valleys by glaciers, soil depositions, reshape the nature of landscapes, the same way immigration is reshaping the future and the character of America. Migration involves the entrance of people into a foreign country to stay there. Immigration has influence workforces, culture, languages, politics, economy, family structures and finally demographics of America in one way or the other. While at the same time the nation is facing issues to give priority of orders on the policy in a rationally based approach (Ansems de Vries, 2016).

To add on the same, the U.S government through the president, several policies has been put forth as sign that Mexican immigrations are a threat to the state. For instance, when he made a severe declaration concerning the immigrants is when a good number turned to his support for the presidential candidate. In justification on what he had promised, according to the World’s and News report on U.s, approximately 24o person have been returned from U.s to their home country Mexico (Blecker, 2017).

Payan, (26-31), the wall will play a very significant role in stopping illegal drugs into the United States. President Trump had a claim that 90% of the heroin transported Trans versing southern border will be more into practice. This particular wall will regulate the nature of goods and services brought into the country. This is because every person entering the country will follow the primary and legal entry point hence being evaluated thoroughly on the main reason for their immigration and their accompaniments as well.

According to a report released by Drug Enforcement Agency, in the entire nation, “heroin seizures reached 7,979kg in 2017, registering 39% seized at the Us Mexico border.” Considering the dangers heroin is subjecting the current youths to irresponsible members of the society, this wall will play a very significant role in nurturing leader of tomorrow who are youths of today.

Trump is also supporting the idea of wall construction for the first time to address the Congress in joint session. He said that the wall would provide an answer to the issue of “pleas of the American people for immigration enforcement and border security.” According to him, the wall will play a very significant role in restoring integrity and remind citizens of the rules and regulations governing American borders. This was passed to the Congress in January of 2017.

Contained by the constraint, moreover, in the American constitution, there presented at two techniques majorly used weigh and combine numeral objectives on accepting immigrants. Some immigrants are allowed into the state to bring their families back together, while on the other hand, other are allowed skills, labor or even fruitful resources they may come along with (Ansems de Vries, 2015). In additions, some other people are admitted into the nation with the aim of geographical and humanitarian reasons, to provide an anchorage for refugees and at the same time to embarrass regimes customarily opposed. Due to different goals on acceptance of immigrants, U.S is subjected to high demand on immigration slots, giving policymakers on immigration an additional task.

Trump points out that, as much as immigration is of benefit to the state, it is the major cause to several youth problems in the current generation. He argues a lot of illegal drugs to be coming through immigrations. Therefore, there is need to close or even regulate U.S –Mexico border. Out of the idea, he comes out with the idea of forcing Mexico to finance the trump wall so as to regulate their irregular movements in and out of the country. As the Mexico government did not cooperate, US citizens are forced to pay for the wall that according to the congress, “trump led the US into the longest government shutdown in the history.”

Climax point of it all is the restrictions (Garelli et al., 2016) it is a combination of groups geared by anxieties concerning possible effects that might be caused by migrants to the environment. Similarly, the group is also concerned the competitions migrants might cause on the labor market, public services, and population growth as well. Some of these groups include selected labor unions, liberal of civil rights, ideological classifications, challenge convectional partisan and environmental activists as well. Some of the restrictionists similarly harbor nativist or bigoted animus to immigration. Nevertheless, these feelings face stigma during national debates. In other words, in most cases, they receive support from individuals, but structured political groups are not for the idea of Human Rights Watch (2016).

The critical point of interest in this research will revolve around the issue related to immigration

Some sections of “U.S Mexico border and at the same time giving a critical reflection of the reason towards why it came into existence.

In a progress manner it is used as a mode of justification concerning security needs, the 21st century embarrassment border wall signifying inequality of wealth and finally the anxiety on the effects of foreign culture. The wall passing across different nations one of them being Southern California acts as a representative of the resemblances existing in U.S. and other nations affected by border control and conflicts.

Immigration Policy Institution came up with a sheet outlining at what extent the nations involved in the crisis by immigration concerning economic and social interactions more specifically on tourist visits. Militarization at the border is to be increased including patrol agents at the border. An additional of detention centers are also to be built. As a result, refurnishing the U.S-Mexico border will address the drug war and overpopulation that limits distribution of public resources.

During the study on immigration threats, it was realized that the rates of violence are increasing at higher rates especially at free transit places. The danger is profound in areas whereby police interventions take place. In most cases, as vindicated on migrants criminalization deprived of legal statuses within the nation. These actions take place in daylight to security from obligation and insolvency to provide help to vulnerable children and people. At the same time as migrants need to be provided with shelter irrespective of the legal status, they may have. Throughout the research, massive destruction and eviction of living spaces belonging to migrants have been witnessed in America.

To mention just a view, “some parts of the wilderness in Calais” were ruined first in 2016. It was an unlawful squat hosting approximately 700-1000 persons after they had been forced out back in 2015. To add on the same, there also existed a “cleaning up” covering all informal camps located at the railway station and parks as well. Particularly concerning informal settlements, it was classified as a mode of violence cutting across denying people right to shelter and also a way of demolishing a strategy and communities of exhaustion. Majority of immigrants reported that they are exhausted on merciless measures they are facing and therefore they call upon for their human rights especially shelter to be highly respected (Refugee Rights Data Project, 2016).

With all sorts of destruction and evictions, has stopped individuals from finding their settlements around prohibited places may be ‘jungle or any other site. Nevertheless, to some extent, it has made the condition worse since the environment created is full of precariousness and violence. In the most current people count in America, it was recorded that, even though living places for more than 3500 individuals were destroyed, the act has reduced the population of people living in open areas even by 1% (Sciurba, Alessandra, 2016). It has just but increased violence by police that included a large number of children disappearing hence creating a lot of tension.

In the last few years in America, the term ‘crisis’ has been used to describe the way immigrants get into the state. It is in connection with the way people understand it and what they witness, for instance, the American refugee crisis of 2016. A clear understanding of the term crisis is easily related to the threat that requires exceptional and extraordinary measures when it comes to deciding to lead through a crisis (Lowell, 2014).

American Parliament (2016), the philosophical point of view states that, at a certain point, libertarians exist and the other end is the free market conservatives. They are in favor not because there is a need for expansion but also because it is essential to have open borders. Limitations made on movements are highly upheld strictly on concession to mistaken demands of the public. As it is opposed to the active role for the administration, they are in fear of state welfare leading to a redistribution of status and wealth to the citizens and immigrants comparable. The freedom provided on political background grants one with an opportunity to find liberty while on the other hand economic freedom given to migrants is to see rewards of higher value.

This has established the design of management making use of flexible, informal and rapid legislative proposals and policy instruments which in most cases move with democratic fundamental and law rights to determine circumstances at which an individual can move. The limited focus has been directed on political and humanitarian aspects on the crisis at some point leading to insecurity and emergency issues. Therefore, the true meaning of crisis refers to, it not being insecurity cases resulting from new arrivals into the country but an individual denied from getting into the borders of the American state to get international defense or even opportunities of higher standards.

The second incidence of crisis described above is circled in border crossing. Mental, technological and also physical borders either in or out of America, has subjected crisis concerning the movement of people (ProCon.org, 2013). The first incidence takes place at the office issuing Visas in probably the Middle East where individuals have limited access to American visa, or even they cannot use a specific flight route as a result of carrier sanctions.

Out of these legal routes being blocked, an individual can be forced to either use a more expensive way overseas or even take a course that subjects their life’s to risks.  The inaccessible regular routes leading one to America is one of the significant causes of crisis concerning immigration into the American state. Besides, the main contribution to illegal settlements is not overwhelmed by individuals on motion but by the persons who are not in a position to go across the territory just in case they are going to America.

Within the recent years, a management policy on migration is becoming naturally coercive at a very high rate; in the aspects of utilizing police violence, denying access to human rights and destroying living places as well. According to the previous studies, space transit is becoming zones of no entrance, push-backs and detention in an increasing rate; a good example is given on Greece where the majority of informal dwellings like Idomeni residing camp (Tazzioli, 2016).

The dialogue of crisis and security should be answered by restructuring questions on asylum and migration in humanitarian and political terms. American should do away of all designs leading to mess under the guidance of the law by democratic rule.

Additionally, migrants should be positively perceived; not being subjects in security threats and needy subjects but as individuals with action that is with employment skills, education, skills, friends and also family members. Their preferences and intentions need to be rated at the priorities of the American state of responsibility sharing when it comes to applications to asylum.

Migrations routes will never be understood not unless considerations are made on migrants as subjects having an agency but not pure passive victims, commodities, and security threats. They make tireless efforts to America probably to come up with a meaning life or even to take safety spaces. A good number of migrants have a good picture of the place they are heading to in most cases as informed by family members and friend familiar with the site. Bearing in mind, all migrants adhere to demands of migration agencies; then people can be free to move to any place of their wish including America (Effects.org 2009).

In conclusion, trump is bringing to the notion of every one that, US-Mexico border is not only a trouble but a crisis that need to be addressed. He is emphasizing on how the border is endangering human life by shutting down the entire federal government. In response, around 800,000 federal servants will be forced to slip their paychecks so as to address it (Carter, 2017). By the way the issues a laid on table, it means immigration is becoming a security threat whereby movements need to be monitored appropriately and efficiently.


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