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Reasons Why We Should Let in Refugees from the Middle East

The United States should let people fleeing violence from the Middle East in to our boarders. These people are fleeing way in their home countries and we, as the leader of the free world should accept them. Three reasons why we should let refugees from the Middle East in is that they are not terrorist,…



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Climate Refugee

Introduction In June 2019, UN statistics suggested that over 70 million people globally had been displaced with over 25 million of those being refugees. Refugees are argued to be among some of the most vulnerable people in the world so are therefore entitled to protection from the international community. This protection varies from State to…

Climate Change,


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“Refugee” Documentary Review

‘Refugee’ by directors C. Malpas and L. Knott is a documentary released in 2016 that portray five preeminent photographers who travelled the world to present insight into the difficult situations faced by refugees. The story starts with a definition of the word ‘refugee’ and states the two main questions that the film tries to answer….

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Refugee Health Care

A refugee is considered one of the world’s most vulnerable people, someone who has been forced to flee his or her country due to war, violence, or oppression. A refugee has a well-founded fear of being persecuted for reasons including nationality, religion, race, political opinion, or social group membership, and for this reason must cross…

Health Care,


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Environmental Impact of Refugee Camps

War and political conflict have displaced more than 10 million people in the world. Many people now living in refugee camps across 30 countries and it’s a humanitarian crisis. As the world focuses on the how these people could be safe in other countries, there is a different aspect to consider. The environmental impact of…


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Botswana Policy to North and Sub-Saharan Africans Refugees

Food insecurity, civil conflict, and lack of economic opportunity have led to the displacement of thousands of North and Sub-Saharan Africans. As a result, an estimated half of all primary school-age refugee children are not in school, and many face sexual and gender based violence. Additionally, humanitarian aid, while undeniably important, can be misallocated and…




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Refugee Healthcare: Is it a Right?

“Every day, nearly 34,000 people are forcibly displaced as a result of war, conflict or persecution” (Bäärnhielm et al., 2017). The mass movement of refugees from their homelands has become a hot button topic in global politics. Most of these refugees have been displaced as a result of the ongoing war in the Middle East….

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Help for Minor Refugees in Belgium

Abstract The past year’s research has shown the increase of the psychosocial impact of post-flight stressors. Post-flight stressors play a predictive role and are even more important than pre-flight and flight stressors. It is therefore important to provide thoughtful help to suppress the development of these post-flight stressors. Since care workers and social workers have…



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United States Involvement in Syrian Refugee Crisis

We are currently living in the time of the greatest displacement and refugee crisis that the modern world has ever experienced (Connor 2018). Since 2011 there has been more than five million women, children, and elderly citizens fleeing the country they have lived in their entire lives. Those without the opportunity to escape civil war…



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Refugee Assistance and the U.S Refugee Resettlement System

Today all around the world, there are millions of refugees that are displaced from their countries and hundreds more displaced daily. Refugees all around the world often face numerous amounts of challenges from being uprooted from their indigenous homes. This issue has created an idea referred to as the durable solutions, which is aimed to…



Social Issues

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