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Abuse of Immigrants

The abuse of immigrants has always been an issue in the United states, but over the years, it has, gotten progressively worse. The American Civil Liberties Union, also known as the ACLU, was founded on the basis of democracy. They have exposed the abuse of immigrants and have tried protecting them against the inhumane treatment…



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Discrimination against Immigrants

Discrimination in the United States have been a big problem specially to the people who is being affect by these acts, for example, immigrants who have been discriminated at their own work by people who make them feel less just because they are immigrants and they came here to have a better life with their…




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The Life of Immigrants in the 1900’s and 20th Century

In the late 1900’s and early 20th century large numbers of workers where not ununionized, they did not have representation, and could not bargain/ come up with an agreement with their employers. For instance, if the employees were in a work environment that was dangerous and hazardous, and they decided to go to their boss…



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Latino Immigrants Facing Poverty without Resources

Latino Immigrants have crossed the border for the pursuit of happiness and the “American Dream”. As they come, they face challenges that have prevented them from reaching that dream and instead come across financial hardships that leave them experiencing high poverty levels without resources. Even though 2 of every 3 foreign born Latinos have an…



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modern Struggle of Immigrants

The struggles of immigrants has been a prevalent issue for much of American history, and is alive and well in this country today. Although not all immigrants suffer from hardships, a good deal of Immigrants have had to battle several hardships. This is evident in the struggles of, Arya Patole, Thanu Yakupitiyage, Aaron Cotteral, and…



Moving to America

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History of Immigrants in America

The significant inflow of immigrant throughout the globe in the new world, America resulted in a diverse population; mainly from Europe and Africa.  “According to Gjerde (1998), among the 3,929,000 population in the census of 1790, forty eight percent English, twenty percent African and the remaining percentage from diverse parts of part of the world…




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Straight Path for Citizenship for Immigrants

As a United States citizen, what I would want to take into action is to have the undocumented and documented immigrants become a part of the country. I know this may seem a tremendous task to take, but I believe every person should have the right to come to America, the land of the free….




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The Importance of Immigrants Families

Families migrating into us ought to have the total support of the country as a result of immigrants contribute vastly to the economic process. we’ve seen the president of us attack migrator families as he has expressed anti-immigrant sentiment refueling worry on his Twitter social media account. it’s not solely unauthorized immigration is vulnerable, however…




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We Are All Immigrants

According to the Cambridge dictionary (2020), an immigrant is explained as a person who comes to reside in a foreign country with no intention to leave and therefore anthropologically and historically everyone is an immigrant. Through the study of our human lineage and early migration as well as the study of our past and present,…



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Immigrants Conditions 1900 to 1939

How would you feel if you couldn’t speak the same language, eat the same food had the proper education and practice the same religion. From 1900 to 1939 conditions in the us for immigrants were difficult in the early 1900s most immigrants that were poor had to travel through Ellis Island to come to the…



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