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Canada: the Second Largest Country in the World

A country known for its bacon, maple syrup, and ice hockey, Canada is the neighboring country of the United States that many people, including myself, do not know much about. Sure, it is common knowledge that Canada has French cultural roots and many still speak the language, but there is more that this country has…



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Who Killed Canadian History?

Introduction History is the branch of knowledge that studies past assessing records of previous events that took place. Its writing is old as it was done in many different forms evolving as time goes by as a way of preserving and keeping record of past events. In this paper, I will discuss the various reasons…




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Canadian History

1534 JACQUES CARTIER EXPLORES ST LAWRENCE RIVER. In 1534, French explorer Jacques Cartier set sail on his first voyage to discover a passage to Asia, but he failed. Then in 1535, he set sail again for another voyage. This is where he became the first European White man to discover the St. Lawrence River that…



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Canada’s Economic System

Canada is unique compared to the rest of the world in terms of their type of economic system. Canada is considered to have a highly developed mixed market economy that almost doubles as a socialist economic system. It is almost known to be a socialist economic system because of their type of nationwide benefits which…



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The Fall of Venezuela and the Rise of Canada

For my comparative hypothesis I will be using the two states, Canada and Venezuela, as evidence to support Levitsky’s “educated guess” about the supposed factors that supports or undermines stable democracies. Which is if a state adheres and/or abandons norms and/or guard-rails of toleration and forbearance it cause democracies to thrive or die. Thus the…




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Canada, Its History, Tourism and Currency

Oh Canada, Eh! Well doesn’t that sound like the adventure of a lifetime. Aside from my profound love for cold weather, maple syrup, and ice hockey, Canada has always been a dream destination spot for me due to the incredibly diverse range of attractions. Convincing my family to embark on this peculiar choice of destination…




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Canada is a Progressive Country

The second largest country in the world, Canada, a sovereign and independent nation is a federal parliamentary democracy under a constitutional monarchy of the British Commonwealth. In 1775 England invaded Canada, and in 1867 Canada became a self governing dominion maintaining it’s ties to the British Crown, but in 1982 severed their colonial ties and…



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Issue of Canada’s Immigration Policy

Canada’s current political climate in my opinion is best described as post-truth. This means that politicians try to appeal to their electorate’s emotions instead of to logic. Politicians don’t rely solely on data during their campaigns but instead use half-truths to spread share their agenda. There is also a lot more information accessible to leaders…




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Pros and Cons of Multiculturalism in Canada

Multiculturalism can be defined as cultural pluralism or diversity (as within a society, an organization, or an educational institution): a multicultural social state or a doctrine or policy that promotes or advocates such a state. It is a wider aspect to discuss because it is difficult to find out whether it is acceptable or not…





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Effects of Community Service

Introduction CSL has been developing for more than fifteen years in the US; however, in Canada, the adoption of CSL is a recent development. “Although there have been examples of small initiatives in Canada over the past decade, only in the last few years has this pedagogical approach gained more widespread recognition and support on…


Community Service,


Service Learning

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