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Latin America’s Countries in the 1970’s and 80’s

Latin America in the 1970’s and 80’s was an area battling political instability, extreme violence, and an overall lack of basic human rights. But, what role did the United States play in these problems? The United States is one of the most powerful and wealthy countries in the world, but how have they used that…



Latin America,


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Spanish Invaders in Latin America

The Spanish relentless greed catalyzed their success in taking over Latin America. Bernardino de Sahagún, through his description of a Mexican man’s account of the Spanish invasion of Aztecs, portrays the European lust for wealth with his description of Spanish men being gifted gold by the Aztecs. He documents, “Like monkeys they grabbed the gold”…


Latin America

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History of Latin America

In the nineteenth century, the most significant feature of Latin America was unequal relations between elites and masses, men and women, white and non-white, free and unfree in economic and political and social politics. During this period, power and authority were the symbols of one’s status. I will list evidence or examples one by one…


Latin America

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Mayan Civilization

Imagine you are in the year 250 C.E. in the Mayan civilization. The Mayan civilization is thriving with new achievements are being obtained consistently. You are on the lower spectrum of the social scale as a commoner. You have hard physical work, that takes place almost every day. Although the work is hard, you get…



Latin America

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Problem of Race and Ethnicity in Latin America

Throughout Latin America, race and ethnicity continue to be among the most important determinants of access to opportunity and economic advancement. Indigenous and Afro-descendant peoples in Latin America represent 40 percent of the total population yet they remain a disproportionate segment of the poorest of the poor. While a priority for social inclusion measures, they…

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Race and Ethnicity

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Diversity Project the Hispanic Minority Group

Introduction Diversity defined: Is the presence of human beings with perceived or actual differences based on a variety of human characteristics. Diversity in the workplace defined: According to CITATION Enc19 \l 1033 (Encyclopedia of Business and Finance, 2019) , in a workplace, diversity means employing people who may be different from each other and who…

Cultural Diversity,



Latin America

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Illegal Immigration As a Problem in America

American citizens work tirelessly every day to earn money to make a living and provide for their families. It isn’t easy for everyone, and that’s why we are given the benefits like food stamps and unemployment. So, imagine the frustration in rewarding someone with benefits and jobs who break the law. There are many financial…

Illegal Immigration,

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Politics of Chile

Chile is a country that prides itself on its Mestizo background and culture. Like both its culture and people, Chile’s history has a “mixed” composition. From a monarchy to representative democracy, Chile had experienced a broad array of government types. Each ruling government has left its mark on Chile’s population and political ideals. Chile’s complex…

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Latino Politics

Evidently, her experience as an organizer and the position she held within the UFW distinguished her from other Latina women in the movement, as well as rendered her visibility in the public. However, one can clearly see that her recognition as a leader stems from the positions she held as well as the dominance and…

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Ethnographic Methods in Labor and Legality Research Paper

Labor and Legality is an ethnography by Ruth Gomberg-Munoz in which the lives of undocumented Mexican workers who work as busboys in the Chicago area are portrayed. Ruth Gomberg-Munoz is a socio-cultural anthropologist which research interest focuses on political economy, migration race, class and urban ethnography. Her interest in Mexican workers grew by waiting tables…


Latin America,


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