The Ways We Lie 

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In this life, many people lie for various reasons, but it’s actually something that should not be done. So why do we lie? For me, it is as though my brain is telling me to do something at a certain time without knowing the consequences of what will happen next. If a person regularly ignores the consequences of lying he may become more comfortable with injustice in general.

The ways of lying are different due to the situation the lie used for. Ignoring the fact give a negative attitude to the community along with emotional effects, lies cause one social life flow down the drain. People lie to give happiness to other people. People lie to avoid something wrong they did. In addition, people lie to save other people’s life.

In the article “the ways we lie” Ericsson’s focus on different forms of lying that we don’t always consider them as a big lie. Ericsson’s start the essay with simple form of lying that mostly everyone uses. She try to give an example of each lie with a different situation the lie use for. The rest of the essay, Ericsson show that people use lie to simplify problem too often for it to be removed from our lives. Ericsson explain each lie by giving many examples.

Ignoring the facts give a negative attitude to the community along with emotional effects, lie cause one social life flow down the drain. Not taking action of wrong doing will make the society loss the ethical of life. A catholic church in Massachusetts heard many complaints about father James porter raping children. But there was no action against him, they act as nothing happens, children getting rap day by day without getting their right to live their life-like other children who live their life with peace.

They move him to a different place in Minnesota, but the result was “More children were abused until he was relieved of his duties a year later. By his own admission, Porter may have abused as many as a hundred children” (the ways we lie 123). As we see how children losing their honor, because one person has no moral in his life. Not taking action of wrong doing made people lose their children honor.

From my perspective telling the truth always help us to avoid negative things. I know some people who tell a lie when they don’t want to lose people’s love and thoughtfulness. For example, if your girlfriend gave you something that isn’t necessary. When your girlfriend gift doesn’t fit your style, you will thank her for her kindness. You will try to compliment the person on how pretty the present is. Also, when your friend wants to be sure how handsome he is, you will tell a lie to make him happy.

“Telling a friend he looks great when he looks like hell can be based on a decision that the friend needs a compliment more than a frank opinion”(The ways we lie 121). In the end, that kind of lie called a white lie because you gave them something good so you don’t hurt their feeling. But if you thank your girlfriend and you tell her that kind of gift doesn’t match your style, next time you might get the gift that matches your style. Even your friend if you tell him that he is good and handsome but he need to change his clothe style and his hair style, by using positive comments combined with good advice you can avoid hurting people feeling.

People lie to avoid something wrong they did. Liars think that they are doing the right thing, but in fact other people treat them that way. In any case these liars doing things there shouldn’t be doing. We act they are doing the right thing but they are making disruption. In that they trying to push him around to other people so the people who are around him don’t get the blame or have a bad reputation.

“Our acceptance of lies becomes a cultural cancer that eventually shrouds and reorders reality until moral garbage becomes as invisible to us as water is to a fish”( the ways we lie 128). As we see both garbage and cancer are used to describe laying. The ward “cancer” used to describe the diseases like spread of lying among people. It is used so often that it has become a seemingly unstoppable force. The ward “garbage” is used to describe the effect of lying. It produce falsity that can cloud ones moral views. With both the ability to spread and corrupt, lying is a very dangerous thing.


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