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Facing Reality

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Growing up has taught us the aspects of our lives. In other words, reality. For some of us it has taught us that we should face reality instead of escaping it. For example, “The Chimney Sweeper,” by William Blake, “When I have Fears that I May Cease,” by John Keats and “To a Mouse” by…

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Blending Reality and Existential Theories in Therapy

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The theories that I chose to integrate are existential and reality models. This is because I think that existential and reality theories can mesh together well, and they are my favorite theories that I learned about this semester. I know that the existential theory is more of a humanistic approach, but at the same time,…

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Receiving the Bitter Reality in Life

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Positive Thinking


It is very easy to advise people to be sincere, but it is quite difficult to do in everyday life. Ikhlas is a state in which we have given up something, even if it seems heavy and does not correspond to our will. So far, many people are struggling to give up, especially if they…

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Fine Line Between Optimism and Reality Argumentative Essay

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Personal Experiences


Reality and optimism are quite similar, but also each very unique. They each have close relations, yet both mean two completely different things. Let us start off with reality for an example. The proper definition for realism is “The attitude or practice of accepting a situation as it is and being prepared to deal with…

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Concept of Social Reality

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The book The Construction of Social Reality, written by well known philosopher John R. Searle, is a Philosophical based novel that discusses the formation of our social reality such as the creation of institutional facts (facts of reality that are dependent on human intention in order to exist) and how they diverge from brute facts…

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Reality Denied

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Often times, we push aside reality in the hopes that we will escape the truth of our actions; however, whether we anticipate it or not, the honest and brutal truth will arise in one way or another. Many of us in our daily lives are faced with situations and circumstances that we, more times than…

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A Zinn or a Mann Reality

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People have different ideas about what they think is the real reality. Some people think that any of the five senses that can be experienced is reality, but what if someone gets told that a really bad disaster happened. Then that person believes it and thinks its true, wouldn’t that be reality as well. Zinn,…

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Mystery of Finding Reality in Reality Television

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“OMG! Did Kylie Jenner’s lips get bigger?” “Are those real housewives of any city fighting again?” “When are they going to choose who won the singing show?” Surprisingly, these typical questions occasionally come from my eight-year-old cousin’s mouth, and, for her to be so aware of such, it is a shock to the whole family….

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The Slap of Reality

Pages 2 (490 words)



I remember that fateful day so vividly, March 11, 2018, it was the first challenging moment in my life. As a child, I lived in comfort chiefly. Although I have been through a fair share of difficulties- including emotional abuse from my maid for 3 years, nothing could have prepared me for the future. That…

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Are We in Reality

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Consistently we will in general trust in our senses to advise us the truth, we will in general accept what we see, smell, contact, hear, and taste, anyway will we ever address whether our senses are misleading us, will we ever stop to expect that possibly our senses are being controlled? In the event that…

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