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Do Good Explanations Have to be Truth? 

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Pragmatic Theory of Truth

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Give a Man a Mask, and He will Tell You the Truth

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Understand the Truth of the Situation

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Telling Truth Dilemma in Nursing

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Objective and Subjective Truth

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How Far Can Facts Be Considered to Be the Absolute Truth?

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Tell the Truth Always

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Christian Worldview


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Information and Pragmatic Theory of Truth

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Mahatma Gandhi’s Concept of Truth

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Mahatma Gandhi


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Art Is a Lie That Brings Us Closer to the Truth

Art is a lie that brings us nearer to the truth

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Blowing the Truth out

Book Report: The Other Side Of Truth by Beverley Naidoo

Bowling for Columbine: a Fictional Truth

Columbus and the truth behind the legend

Comparison of Socrates’ and Kierkegaard’s Views on Truth

Conspiracy Theory: No Truth About 9/11

Corellation Between Math, Logic and Truth

Criticism Leading to The Truth

Defining And Discussing Truth Philosophy

Dickens and Banks about Control Through Manipulating Truth

Digging Up The Facts: Searching For Truth

Discoveries: Truth and Hand Grenade

Discovering Truth in Personal Experience

Distributing With The Truth

Duterte Vs. Catholicism: The Truth

Escaping the Truth in “A Streetcar Named Desire”

Everything We See Is In Perspective, Not The Truth


Truth essays revolve around the assumption that truth manifests when assertions, thoughts, actions, or beliefs align with perceivable facts. In Metaphysics, the universe has its basic facts. According to Aristotle (384-322 BCE), truth exists when one says, does, or believes something is true when actually that something is true.
In truth essay examples, truth is non-existent when beliefs and ideas do not correspond to the universal facts. Truth can be subjective or objective depending on the situation. It is said to be subjective when ideas and beliefs are based on views or opinions of various bodies, institutions, or systems.
Subjective truth is seen where ideas, perceptions, thoughts, and actions are in alignment with general facts, ideas, or things. Pragmatic theorists view truth as a component of systems of logically interrelated beliefs and ideas. Many theorists perceive truth differently. In essay about truth, the universal agreement is that something is said to be truthful when it is logically in accord with existing facts or realities.

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