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Plato’s Philosophy of Aesthetic Education

Introduction Plato (427 BC – 347 BC) was from a powerful Athenian family and was related to few political icons of that period (Guthrie, 1986). He became the renowned Philosopher and established a philosophical school – ‘the Academy” and continued to writing and teaching (Cooper,2001). Plato was much influenced by Socrates as he is the…

Philosophy of Education,


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Philosophy of Education and Teaching

My philosophy of education is concentrated on students. I believe that every student is unique with an individual way of learning and their own set of requirements and gifts that are brought to the learning environment. It is my obligation as an educator to elaborate on their gifts and provide an atmosphere that will cultivate…

Philosophy of Education,

Teaching Philosophy

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Philosophy of Education for Effective Teacher

Introduction A person’s philosophy of education significantly determines how the particular person will impact the lives of students and, in extension, the greater society. Having an excellent teaching philosophy helps teachers understand their strengths and how they will apply these strengths in teaching. People have different beliefs, values, and opinions about how teaching. These elements…

Philosophy of Education

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Democratic Education Philosophy

The worst enemy of democracy is the lack of education in a society because it is a tool that is used to liberate the minds of the society and give them a better life. In this essay I shall firstly discuss the Purpose of a democratic education. I shall then describe the values (of its…


Philosophy of Education

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My Philosophy of Education as a Teacher

There is a saying, “With great power, comes great responsibility”. As an educator, I am conscious of the great responsibilities that come with my profession. Consequently, it is my philosophy as a special educator to help my students reach and maintain their fullest potential holistically; by providing an environment that practices impartiality and respect. I…

Philosophy of Education,

Teaching Philosophy

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Philosophy of Education in Teaching

Each Teacher has their own philosophy of education. There is no set-in stone way of thinking, yet everyone impacts how the classroom is run. An educator’s way of thinking characterizes the educational program that is instructed, the manner in which the classroom is dealt with, the way each subject is educated, and how the students…

Philosophy of Education,


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Connecting a Philosophy of Education with K-12 Historical Events

Education is the process of giving instruction to enlighten a person’s knowledge and understanding of certain concepts. This process also involves cultivating certain dispositions such as beliefs, values, skills, and character that impact individuals’ thoughts and behavior in diverse aspects (Abiogu, 2014). The philosophy of education involves the study of the nature and purpose of…

Philosophy of Education

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Special Education Philosophy

Learning is the process of discovery. We learn through various experiences therefore increasing our knowledge. Students with special education needs, like general education students, are individuals who benefit from diverse learning opportunities. As special education educators, it is our goal to stimulate and facilitate increased student learning and progress, therefore empowering each student to more…

Philosophy of Education

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What Is My Philosophy of Education

What is education? It is defined as the process of receiving or giving instruction, facilitation of learning, the acquisition of knowledge, skills, values, beliefs and habits, especially in school or university. What is philosophy? It is a science that by natural light of reason studies the principles and causes of all things. A discipline that…

Philosophy of Education

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Raising in Villlge: Philosophy of Education 

My educational philosophy is based on the idea that it takes a village to raise a child. I believe that success is achievable for every student if the roles in the villagers are identified and effectively utilized. To ensure success students need a safe, engaging, and rigorous environment where they can be stretched academically, emotionally,…

Philosophy of Education

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People always strive for knowledge and wisdom as it gives them immense power to govern their own lives and influence the lives of others. With all the essays about philosophy, we still don’t know the answers to the most fundamental questions, but we’ve surely managed to answer tons of lesser questions to make our lives better and to understand at least something about ourselves and the vast world around us. You can read philosophy essay examples to see how this field has been developing over the years and what its major achievements are. You can go for it and study the development of this field to write your own philosophy essay and present it to your college teacher. This will give you an insight into the field, expand your knowledge, and maybe even get you a good score. You are a student and your main goal right now is to learn, which is what we all do throughout our lifetime – pursue knowledge and wisdom. Go for it, study, read, and broaden your worldview to grasp the meaning and answer the fundamental questions of life, at least for yourself.


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