The Benefits and Reasons Why Electric Cars Will Dominate the Car Industry in the Future

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Robert Anderson developed the first electric car in 1884. Since then, many companies, such as Tesla have made it their mission to redesign the car manufacturing system to construct more energy efficiency vehicles. Unlike conventional cars of today’s times, these electric based ones require no fuel, rather batteries fuel their energy. This helps solve several issues, because natural fuels, such as gas are becoming scarce. Although such cars offer numerous benefits, the initial costs of purchasing are more than convectional ones. However, after purchase, consumers will incur various savings, such as that of gasoline costs. Electric cars will more than likely dominate the market in the future, due to the limited amounts of natural fuel sources in America, as well as other parts of the world as well.

There are several reasons why I feel such cars will eventually replace traditional ones. By glancing at companies in such markets currently, we can see how the demand for such vehicles has increased significantly. Tesla is one of the leading electric car manufacturers in the world. This brand could certainly be the face of electric cars, in my opinion. During May of 2017, the company saw increases of nearly double of the previous year. According to Reuters: “reported first-quarter revenue that more than doubled, and while saying the upcoming Model 3 was on schedule for July, it downplayed the mass-market vehicle to give a sales pitch for its more expensive Model S (Reuters, p.1, 2017). As we can clearly see above, the demand for these energy efficient vehicles has nearly doubled in a given year.

The demand for such cars rely directly on the idea that the World is desiring to be greener. More and more people are realizing that the planet is being affected on a massive level due to our consumption of natural resources as well as our wastes we put into the air. The ozone layer is depleting right before our very eyes. Traditional based vehicles are one of the causes of this destruction. This is due to the CO2 emissions that are given off when one drives such vehicles (Van Vliet, Oscar, et al, 2011). Not only do these emissions destroy the ozone layer, but they also cause pollution and global warming as well. Being that electric based vehicles do not use fossil fuels to run, driving them equates to no release of CO2 emissions. Whereas a gasoline-based vehicle emits nearly 37 metric tons (Verkade,2017). Conventional vehicles are destroying the planet right before our eyes. If the future of the car industry is not built upon electric vehicles, there may not be a future for our planet.

Although there are no emissions present when driving electric cars, the batteries implemented in these vehicles do emit some emissions when being crafted. However, these levels are still lower compared to traditional cars, making such cars greener to the planet. According to Verkade (2017): “An electric car running on 100% renewable power emits just a third of the CO2 a gasoline car emits, even with today’s technology” (Verkade, p. 1,2017). As we can see, electric cars are a lot safer to our environment. The amount of CO2 emissions that fluctuate the air are vast, and without change, we will be left with no Earth. All individuals should desire to preserve the earth, rather than destroy it. Global warming has numerous crippling consequences, and issues are only increasing in modern times.

Another leading benefit and reason that electric cars will dominate the future of cars relies on the fact that gasoline prices are increasing significantly. As conflict between nations and trade simultaneously occur, there is no estimation of how much gas will cost in the future (Shiau, Ching-Shin Norman, et al, 2010). However, we can rationally predict that it will increase a lot. The average person spends nearly $250 on gasoline during any given month. Although, some do report to spending less, this is the nations average. So, let’s say gas is increased to double this amount, individuals will have no choice but pay almost $500 in gas a month. This figure is extremely high, and many cannot afford to pay such prices. Therefore, alternatives will have to be implemented to avoid such costs. Electric cars are the solution to this, electric is extremely cheap compared to gasoline (Shiau, Ching-Shin Norman, et al, 2010). By choosing electric based cars, one can save hundreds a month, and thousands a year.

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