Tesla Motors in the United States Market

Updated August 24, 2021

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Tesla Motors in the United States Market essay

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Technology has created a huge change in every aspect of human life. The impact of technology in our lives can be seen in education, infrastructure development, health and medicine, manufacturing, exploration research, communication, infrastructure, and transportation. One example of new technology is electric cars. Electric cars are not a new subject, but they are not common yet. Electric cars work without using any gasoline at all.

Instead of filing the cars with fuel, drivers recharge these cars by plugging into an electrical outlet. They get powers from rechargeable batteries that exist inside of the cars. These batteries are not only used to charge or power vehicle but also used for the functioning of wipers and lights. Their appearance does not differ much from regular cars. Tesla is an American company that made electric cars. It was founded in 2003 by American entrepreneurs Martin Eberhard and Marc Tarpenning and was named after American inventor Nikola Tesla.

There are some other companies that create electric cars in the industry, but Tesla is an American company it may have more benefits to the United States than other parts of the world. Electric cars like other technology’s supplies have positive and negative sides. Everyday technology is improving so in future so many negative points might be solved. There are many different reasons why Tesla cars have benefits to the United States. However, some people have opposite idea about this argument. Tesla has not been widely accepted because of limited driving range before needing to be recharged.

Because Tesla’s company put a limited number of batteries in their car, so it makes drivers recharge it more often.  long recharging time is the first problem that any driver will have it. Drivers should always have worried about if the car has charge. So, they might prefer to use gasoline cars. Because they only wait in the gas station for fifteen minutes and drive for five hours. People might claim Tesla is an expensive car. For example, Tesla P85D is $113,000 which is Honda Fit is $ 16,000. they prefer to buy cheaper cars because they must pay an additional cost for example car insurance and tax fee.

Tesla is a smart car, so it takes time to understand how it works. Many people claim that is hard to use it at first. so, drivers should familiar with everyday technology and it makes the harder situation for older drivers. The Environment is the very serious subject in these days. One of the environmental pollutants is carbon-fuel cars. The environmental situation is getting worse every day so it’s important to pay attention to it. Producing cars that don’t need gas is one of the best ways to reduce air pollution. Many companies produce electric cars.

Tesla Motor is an American company, so it makes cars that are suitable for the American environment. It helps America to have a cleaner air and, consequently, a healthier environment. Matt Pressman, who is the Tesla investor in literally studies about S model said, “The Tesla Model S is an environmentally friendly, zero emissions electric vehicle that won’t pollute the air like gas-powered cars. Carbon emissions from a gas car’s tailpipe have a dangerous impact on global warming.” As the world is fighting with a lot of energy issues and global warming, Tesla’s energy efficient stance will see it gaining global recognition and acceptance. Soon, people will not use gasoline cars and electric cars will be replaced.

Technology is improving every day, so Tesla will produce better cars.  Tesla motor is an American company. Except for environmental benefits for America, Tesla could have economic benefits for the United States.  Mark Rogowsky, who studied in literaly research said, “First, consider that electric vehicle sales grew 37% last year in the U.S. to record 159,139 vehicles. That’s no small feat given low gas prices but it’s also quite likely just the beginning of a sharp uptrend. Chevy’s Volt had its best year ever in 2016 after a major redesign. Chevy just recently rolled out the 200-mile-range Bolt and Tesla’s own $35,000 Model 3 is set to debut later this year, with hundreds of thousands already on order.

Both vehicles will be made domestically so if they catch on, that’s more U.S. jobs and fewer imports — two priorities of the new administration.” Creating jobs for American people and reducing imports to the country is one way to help the United States economy. “A new report from The Solar Foundation notes that 51,000 new jobs were created in the solar industry last year — a remarkable 1 in 50 of all the new jobs in 2016. Solar industry employment now exceeds 260,000 people making, installing, and servicing solar nationally.

The group expects another 26,000 jobs will be created this year.” Exporting Tesla to other countries considers as an opportunity for the United States. Currently, Tesla Motors has stores and service centers in America in the United States and Canada, across Europe in Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom and Asia in Hong Kong and Japan and Australia. Fred Lambert, who is the editor and chief at electrek in literally studies said, “India is the biggest automotive market that Tesla has yet to enter.” It’s a great chance for Tesla’s company to sell their cars in India. India has a population of over 1 billion people.

A growth rate and developing a middle class which makes a large market for Tesla’s company. Compared to other cars, Tesla may look more expensive. But people should consider they will not pay for gas anymore. electricity for charging Tesla is much cheaper than paying for gas. Nicole Arata, who is the writer of Nerd Wallet in literary studies said: “Let’s use fueleconomy.gov to compare a similarly priced luxury car: the BMW 7 Series 740i. If you drive it 15,000 miles per year, spend about $2.50 a gallon on gas and get an average of 25 miles per gallon, you can expect to spend about $1,500 on fuel annually.

Tesla drivers will save that money, but they’ll see an increased electric bill from charging the car overnight. To offset this, Tesla offers 400-kilowatt hours of free charging at its Supercharger stations each year, enough to drive approximately 1,000 miles. After this credit and based on the national average rate of 13 cents per kWh, charging your car at home would cost about $609 for the Model S and $690 for the Model X for 15,000 miles of driving a year. So, we’ll deduct this from the gas savings.” Depending on what state customers live, the government considers rebate or tax credit.

Every electric vehicle purchased comes with a onetime $7500 federal tax credit. Customers get a 30% tax credit for purchase and installation of home charging gear. Air pollution causes so many problems. Air pollution is an existence of chemicals, particles, biological materials and other substances into the atmosphere. This can happen naturally or as the result of technology. Usually, it is a combination of both. The problem of air pollution in America has been increasing since the early 1700s when coal mining first began. There are numerous sources of air pollution today and researchers are trying to find ways to solve this problem.  In America, the main cause of air pollution is transportation.

According to CBS News, the exhaust from cars and other vehicles makes 60 % of all the carbon monoxide pollution across the nation while it contributes up to 95 percent in most cities. It’s hard to say people should use public transportation because in each states situation is different. Tesla could be one solution for this problem. By putting more benefits, the government can reduce the number of deaths and disease from air pollution in the United States. Travis Madsen, who research about this subject said, “Transportation accounts for nearly half of our greenhouse gas emissions, so getting more electric vehicles on the road is important, Governor recently issued an executive order to extend our high-speed charging network, maintain and expand electric vehicle incentives and further electrify our public fleets.”

Car safety is a very important issue. Many car accidents happen in the United States every day. So, car safety is very important subject. Since Tesla is a smart car it is expected to be safer than regular cars. The Tesla Model S may be the safest vehicle ever tested by the feds. Most of the electric cars are safer than regular cars.  Damon Lavrinc, who is the Transportation Editor of WIRED magazine makes this point: “Most cars get five stars in the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s frontal crash protection test and four stars for side impact protection.

But the Model S aced them all: front, side, pole, and rollover. And Tesla adds in its announcement that during a previous roof crush test used during validation, the machine failed while applying more than 4 G’s of pressure — the same as stacking four of the electric sedans on top of the car without the roof breaking.” Technology is improving every day and the goal is to make life easier. Electric cars are new technology in cars industry. Like other technology stuffs electric cars have fans and critics. and it’s normal because it will make companies improve their products.

Tesla Motor is an American company who produces electric cars. Because it’s American companies it could help the United States in so many ways. For example, it helps America to have the better environment. Another benefit of Tesla is the United States can export this car to other countries and get benefit from it. Since Tesla is an electric car so it helps to reduce the number of gas importing to the country and it makes America more independent to the other countries. Air pollution is one of the most problems in the United States and the biggest reason is transportation.

Every year in America people die or get a disease because of this problem. So, Tesla could be one solution for this problem. Telsa’s price seems higher than regular cars and even electric cars. But drivers should consider they will not pay for gas anymore also government consider some benefits for drivers. Mark Matousek, who is a transportation reporter at business insider, mentions that federal government gives a tax credit up to $7500 credit, “if you buy a fully-electric, plug-in hybrid vehicle. Since Tesla’s vehicles are fully electric.”

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Tesla Motors in the United States Market essay

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