The American Political Culture

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America is an accepting place where many people from different countries come together as one. The American political culture is where many different kinds of people share beliefs, values, attitudes about how the government should operate in America. Many people from other countries come to America for a better life. America is filled with opportunities and liberty. The liberty of speech, religion, and it’s where people have the most freedom. In the article “American Political Attitudes and Participation.” A French writer named Alexis de Tocqueville described America as a country of countless opportunities. He also stated that the America culture is characterized by liberty, equality, democracy, individualism, the rule of law, nationalism, and capitalism. I completely agree with him because we are not discriminated by our race and we have the opportunity to be whoever we wish to be. We can pursue our goals, create a business, and have the right to speak what we personally think. According to the article “What is political culture? By spark notes, it states that political culture is a set of attitudes that shape people’s political behavior. It also includes moral judgments. In order to grow as people, we have to be judged with whatever we do wrong. Political culture reflects the government but it also includes traditions. We can obtain a political culture by coming to America being good citizens and coming to work for the life we want to acquire. Life in America is not easy, but if we fight for what we want, we can acquire it.

America is considered a melting pot to others, it’s a country where immigrants can easily practice their culture and make it part of America. In the article “History exception” it states that the United States has always cherished its melting pot and it says that the melting pot is a blend of diverse people. America would not be the country it is without any immigrants. There is different food, art, languages, business, and music. Many immigrants have impacted America with their hard work and effort. These people bring new ideas to the country and help the economy. In “Toppling the melting pot” the culture critic Juan Flores, he describes how many immigrants go to the United States, but we do not experience the same melting pot. I completely agree with him because if someone is an immigrant they don’t have the same benefits a u.s citizen would have. They don’t have the same health insurance a u.s citizen would have access to. They cannot vote to make the government better. In order to obtain the benefits, you have to be part of the American culture and lifestyle. You have to learn English, either get a good job or an education. You’re not instantly part of the melting pot. The article “Transforming Politics, Transforming America” it states that the idea of America is a “nation of immigrants” with thousands of settlers and slaves pouring into colonies from England, continental Europe, and Africa”. This is evidence that people from all over the world find a way to come to America. They all immigrate to the United States because their countries don’t have all the resources we do. It doesn’t matter how beautiful countries sound like, or the rights they have. There is no country like the one we are in.

America has changed over the years. According to “The 21st Century has not been the American Century” they stated that the 21st Century has not been kind to America and it began with a country being the world’s unquestioned economic, military, and cultural power. I personally believe that America has changed due to the government and president we have. The president we have now is racist to immigrants and is causing racism and conflicts with people. The elements from my life that define our Political culture are freedom of religion, and the American dream.

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