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Pros and Cons of Multiculturalism in Canada

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Pros and Cons of Policy of Multiculturalism in Canada

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Multiculturalism in Malaysia

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Multiculturalism in Work Environment

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Comparison of Multiculturalism in Australia and Indonesia 

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Cultural Diversity



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Multiculturalism: the Greatest Canadian Invention in the 20th Century

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Multiculturalism in Indonesia and Australia

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Multiculturalism in Singapore

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Positive and Negative Factors of Multiculturalism in Canada

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Multiculturalism and Importance of Multicultural Education

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How to write a multiculturalism essay? Sometimes it may be hard to write an essay on a complex topic. But you can use our essay examples to find great ideas for your paper.

Multiculturalism is a complex of various development processes, during which many cultures are revealed as opposed to a single national culture, which casts doubt on the existence of national identity. The concept of “multiculturalism” is used, as a rule, in two main meanings.

What is Multiculturalism?

In the first meaning, multiculturalism is a phenomenon of ethnocultural fragmentation of society; in another way and more accurately it can be defined as “multiculturalism”, ultimately directed against culture as one culture phenomenon. Thus, we are not talking about cultural autonomy within the framework of a certain cultural community, but rather about its fragmentation. In the second meaning, according to any multiculturalism essay, multiculturalism acts as an ideology and politics, which largely rely on the liberal concepts of “cultural diversity”, preaching ethnic, racial, and subcultural preferences in the economic, political, and cultural spheres of public life. Their goal is to eradicate discrimination and achieve “equality” of various kinds of minorities with the national majority.

Term Definition of “”Multiculturalism””

The term “multiculturalism” appeared in Canada in the 60th XX century to indicate the state of the ethnocultural, racial, religious diversity of the population of the country. It was officially recognized in 1971, being at the same time a kind of act of recognition by state institutions of the ineffectiveness of the assimilation policy aimed at homogenizing the culturally multi-component population of the country. The proclaimed goal was to make the state more sensitive to the needs of its citizens of all cultural and linguistic groups.

The main principles of this ideology are:

  • a positive attitude towards ethnic and cultural differences. The recognition that cultural diversity enriches a given society makes it more viable;
  • the right to cultural distinction. All members and groups of the community have the right to preserve and maintain their cultural identity;
  • cultural equivalence and mutual tolerance;
  • hierarchically structured dual (multiple) identities. Each individual, by his choice, can simultaneously be part of several sets, which makes them intersecting. Identification of oneself with the state (civic identification) is primary, with one or another group;
  • unity in multiplicity. The cultural autonomy of a particular group is recognized to the extent that it does not contradict the general basic values ​​of the majority with which the state identifies itself (selective preservation of cultures);
  • identification of an individual with one or another ethnocultural group, which forms his stable self-consciousness, promotes his psychological security, thereby creating the preconditions for the individual’s openness towards other ethnocultural groups and fostering tolerance in him;
  • the right to equal chances. Cultural differences are complemented by the principle of non-discrimination and social equality;
  • political control.

According to multiculturalism essays written by students, multiculturalism is not a self-developing phenomenon; political will and support are required for its formation and development.

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