Stress in Our Life

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In this world,stress happenened in everyone’s common life,such as study life,work life and emotional life. You can’t aviod it,when you get stress you should face it and find some ways to overcome it,then you will fell better after overcome it!

So with all that said,what is stress that we definition it? Stress is the definition of mental and physical fields. The physical definition has objective properties, which refers to the force acting vertically on the unit area of the fluid or solid interface. From the point of view of psychology, stress is a cognitive and behavioral experience process composed of psychological stress source and psychological stress response. In layman’s terms, stress is the negative feelings and negative beliefs that arise when a person feels that he or she is unable to cope with the demands of the environment .

In college the source of stress I think there are maybe from fours ways,study,interpersonal stress,future stress,enmotional stress. Now let’s tall about the first sterss the study stress. In this era every country’s economy devlopemnt fast and fast,competition for talent fierce,in college is too. So when you study in college you will have many assignment need to fininsh,if you don’t finish the professor wil give you a bad score,so you have to do assignment untill midnight sometimes,when you have too much assignment and do it agin and again you will feel it bored and you will think why I do thiese assignment again and again?

Then you will feel study stress ,and you maybe wil give up it ,not fininsh the professor’s assignment ,get a bad score on examination,then you study life will be very terrible!

Coping: I imagination Using imagination to relax seems a little ethereal, but this is the simplest way. We should learn to let our thinking “travel around”, imagine ourselves in the prairie, look at the blue sky, feel the breeze. . . we can achieve the effect of relaxation in a short time, but also improve learning efficiency!

Two, vent method. There is pressure in the heart, the accumulation of more easy to let people out of control, so, we should timely vent, want to cry when you should let yourself cry. Psychology says that crying relieves stress and is good for your body. 3. Reading a book When one is reading, one is attentive. When we are under great pressure, we try to calm down and read books. Reading can open one’s mind, change one’s view of things and strengthen one’s willpower.

Know yourself,Knowing yourself is an important task in life. Too many people fail over and over again because they don’t know enough about themselves to get back to where they started. We are not so-and-so, he can do a successful job we may not be able to, know their own, know their own advantages, set their own goals, improve themselves, so that they become more powerful and confident. Confident people are never afraid of pressure. The second is interpersonal stress,when you in college if you are a not easy going man,and you will lost many friends.

Not having a good relatonship often make people feel self-conscious, insecure, and even self-critical. So have a good relationship is very improtant. Coning: should try to change self to a easy going man,and you should take the initiative to make friend,try to understand others then l belive you can make many friends in college ,it very useful when you have difficult them will give you help. The third is the future stress,No matter it is to study relevant professional knowldge seriously, still be to mix diploma, obtain employment is a very real problem to undergraduate. In view of the current various employment difficult situation, the pressure is even more. Many college students generally have a high estimate of themselves before they get employed.

Once they enter the society and stand in the employment army, they will feel obvious lack of strength, and this gap will cause more or less psychological tension. Coping: for those college students who seriously study professional knowledge, obtain various practical certificates, and develop well in communication and communication, the pressure is naturally much less. Therefore, the university or to study well, but also actively into the university life.

Finally is enmotional stress,in college many student will fall in love in a girl,this is a normal behavior,but A lot of undergraduate graduated to be equal to part company, it also have pressure. Coping:put Let go of your past feelings and start over, and you should believe you will meet a better girl in you future.

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