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Growing Up in Filipino Culture Personal Essay

Culture characterizes individuals’ qualities, convictions, and individual interests. An individual’s Culture and upbringing is essential because it enables individuals to keep up a novel character in life. Most cultures have regular interests, but others may have traditions that contrast incredibly from that of another. Also, the way in which an individual is raised makes a…


Growing Up

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My Growing Up Experience

All my life I was labeled as a “Big Girl”, because I was tall with broad shoulders and of course heavy set for my age. I have always had nice features about myself such as long-hair, big hips, and a gorgeous yellow face. Plus, I always had an intriguing personality that would attract my peers….

Growing Up,

Personal Experiences

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Growing Up in Two Cultures

Growing up, I was one of the fakest little kids you would ever meet. Don’t get me wrong, I was a happy child with lots of friends and a normal childhood, but it was how I presented myself to certain friends that was “fake”. Looking back on those pivotal years of development, I noticed that…

Growing Up

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They Grow Up so Fast

Have you ever heard the saying, “Stay a kid for as long as you can.”? I wish I would’ve personally listened to this statement. Growing up I should have been more aware of my actions because now I’m not able to take them back. While growing up fast will prepare you for real-world situations, growing…

Growing Up

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Growing My Past

I believe this life is a framework that is composed of ideas and actions we take, that result in the consequence of good or bad. The U.S is considered to be a country of opportunities where a person can realize the possibilities when he/she puts their knowledge and skills into practice. As I opened my…

Growing Up,


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Peta’s Growing Up

Abstract Peta grew up with many different incidents throughout life. She experienced the devastating loss of her father in a terrorist attack that shook the entire nation and other negative incidents. Although she had many different negative incidents in her life, she also had some positive ones. This paper discusses developmental stages of Peta’s life…


Growing Up

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