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Connection between Art and Life Experience

At any given moment in time, we are experiencing hundreds of different stimuli, both internally and from our environment. It is rare, however, that one takes the time to ponder on what these experiences truly are. American philosopher John Dewey investigated this subject thoroughly in his theories, exploring what it truly means to experience in…


Life Experience

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How Life Experience is Written into DNA

Moshe Szyf informed us through his Ted Talk, “How life experience is written into DNA,” of our genes and the way they’re “combined of two components” (15:17). He used rhetorical strategies to engage his audience in understanding the view of DNA through epigenetics which is the changes in organisms caused by modification of gene expression….


Life Experience

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My Life Experience that Led Me to Teacher Career

Life was going well until my dad pass away when I was only five years old, he was killed by narcotics. Where we were living narcotic were going around trying to steal the working class agricultures their money and so my dad stand up for his land and property; he ended up being killed. Through…

Life Experience,


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My Life Experience for Program Associate Job

Dear Dr. Chávez, Thank you for the engaging conversation and informational interview we had on January 25, 2019.  Listening to your story, I could not help but note the similarity/similarities is/in some of our past experiences. Your inputs have convinced me that I could make a positive contribution to/at the Trinity University. I am writing…


Life Experience

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A child always dreams of having a family as perfect as the books they read describe them. A family that sticks together in the good and bad times, where their parents show love and respect towards each other. But all these changed one chilly and windy fall night an eight-year-old innocent girl realized those stories…

Life Experience,

Life Lesson

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Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

Finish the song you started to write, do what you are called to do and put fear aside. Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert is about living without fear. This book can relate to various people from someone who wants to be an actor, singer, football player, skater, or a blogger. Someone whom I would recommend…

Life Experience,

Life Lesson,


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