Role of High School in Showing Job Opportunities

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When students graduate high school and head off into college during the fall semester, they face new obstacles and leave with a huge amount of student debts in their hands. They thought to themselves, “Is college that important? What will college teach me that I can’t learn from my job or my everyday life? Will I be able to pay back my student debt? Will the time and effort I invest in a college degree be worth it?” What they regret not knowing is all the problems they wished to be aware of once they first attend college or university as freshmans.

High schools should let students be more aware of the differences between high schools and colleges and how they function. Students want to make important decisions on what they wanted to be before the age of adulthood comes along. However, people regret underestimating the cost of attending colleges and its tuition fee, which is one of the reasons why every high school student should take the full mandatory opportunity to visit many different colleges and jobs so they can better aim for their own path in life as early as possible.

Despite the expenses needed to pay for the tuition and cost of living, going to college can be a huge advantage to securing a higher job and earning enough to keep track in life. Therefore, students should have more chances on finding a career they’re interested in and save up their money before the next chapter of their life.

There are limited opportunities for schools to showcase students the importance of job opportunities, and finding a stable job is proving to be difficult, as they may require a college degree and or even significant-enough talent. Many students have struggle figuring out what job match their taste, leading to a tough decision on the most important years of their life. Alternatively, there are vocational technology schools and job fairs that help assists young adults by offering jobs and deciding what colleges they would want to go to.

However, the point is that earning a college degree can set people off on a better path in life, leaving graduates with a higher payment amount and able to afford a better cost for a family in need. College graduates can acquire jobs like an aerospace engineer, a psychologist, and other high-paying jobs. Unfortunately, students may not notice one of the biggest problems in their way: money. Financial issues like bills and taxes could cause students to have a major struggle with managing financial costs.

Saving money to pay for college is an important factor when it comes to acquiring a good job, so learning to manage financial cost is especially needed when it comes to job decision. Colleges and universities are pricey, so the cost of college is a huge factor for a family’s decision. In the end, the choice is based on what matches the family’s criteria. Early on when students enter high school they should be prepared as early for their job career before their college decision. As the students make a college decision, that’s when the money comes to play. The cost of college can turn off the students away from whom they want to be.

To some students, college can be a leech to their pocket money, which is why students would feel turned down from attending there. The price of tuition can discourage students from going off into college they wanted to attend to. Instead, students search for alternative ways of searching for educations and jobs such as vocational technology schools and job fairs to decide on what they want to do with their adult life.

Vocational schools like Canadian Valley Technology center provides free tuition for people who live in the district for free, and job fairs help guide students for an internship during college years. Community colleges are also cheaper alternatives to regular colleges. So for this, students find ease for their money spent.

It is reasonable to pick a less costly, alternative path, but going off into college idea for this community to find better ways to help students decide on what career they want to pick for college. According to the College Board, “Ninety percent of those who pursued higher education immediately after high school said they would do so again—while a majority of those who moved from high school directly into the workforce said that if they could reconsider their choice today, they would instead seek more education.” Going to college will open doors to increased salary potential, greater career options, and better chances for personal and professional growth. Students are looking for success in life so that this community should host more events for students to keep track of their future career. If this is to happen, then more students may have less stress searching for a reliable way to pay their tuition and get into college.

So in conclusion, one way to improve this community is for students to achieve better success in their life, finding a stable career to be in and realizing the life they want to achieve as. If this does not happen, more students will face troubles before it is too late to make career they are best on. One thing is sure that students should see the benefits on career choices as early as possible before they reach the next chapter of their life.

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