Is College Worth It Cost

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College education prices are rising more today than compare to previous years. Most high paying jobs require a college degree, which encourage students to attend college even though they are going into deep debt after it. Between 1970s and 1980s, most people were able to pay for their schooling by working during summer time, and college cost was not dramatically increase as today. College was affordable back in the day and just a high school diploma was enough for people to get a good job. However, if we compare the past with today, college cost is becoming not enough to pay even if a student works the whole year. But, the population of going to college and earn a degree increase by 66.9 percent compare to 1950s (Blomley). High school diploma became not enough to have a good job recently, thus more students are willing to attend university or college to get the higher degree than high school diploma. That result in a favor of college and university to lay out whatever tuition fees. Students become heavily trapped in a deep debt of college expenses.

Most of the job markets in US require a higher degree than high school diploma to hire people. According to the College Board, during the school year of 2017-18, private colleges cost about 34740 while public colleges only cost 9970, and obviously out of state colleges or universities cost more: 25620. Tuition fees is not the only cost but also many factors, including room and board, transportation, and book and supplies. For example, UNF require incoming students to stay on campus for their freshman year as most of the colleges and universities need their freshmen to stay on campus for a single year or two. According to Coner Stone, college dorm and meal plans can charge a student around 10000 or more during undergraduate school years. However, keep in mind that cost can be vary between private universities or colleges and public colleges or universities.

Moreover, we all know that college level text books are so expensive lately. But some students buy text books they need from online store like Amazon instead of getting them from book stores, in order to reduce the expenses of books and supplies. However, transportation is different base on student situations. When a student lives far from where he goes to school, he might consider getting his own car instead of using public transportations. Some students use bus to reduce the amount of money they spend on transportation. Because public transportation could be charge less than private one, but it is time consuming. For the own car, students will have to spend money on gasoline for a trip to school and home.

So how can we cut down these expend? Now most college and university are considering about the rising cost, and they are trying to make a way to cut it down. For example, now technology make some classes available online for students to take instead of taking them on campus. That way it can lessen the expenses of learning on campus by reducing the transportation fees, room and board fees, and etc… Moreover, online classes provide students to learn with their own schedule and pace to finish the court; students can choose to either finish it early or later. Furthermore, employment companies help paying for the education cost of their worker students. For example, Chick-Fil-A award $14.65 million in scholarships (Wood).

If students are smart with the way they earn degree, they can reach their educational goals without going into deep debt to pay back later. Even though college and university cost are increasing, technology can help students to access their bachelor’s degree. Furthermore, another method of cutting the cost of college and university can be that when student start at a local community college, where tuition is low and can stay at home, with the possibility of transferring to a more expensive school for the bachelor’s degree. Finally, finial aid is the main part in college education. By applying to FAFSA, grants, scholarships, and loans can help students to pay for college education.

After we know how can we reduce the cost of college or university, we might think what are the plans of democrat and republican on the matter of rising college education cost. Even though both parties are varied in so many different ways, they both agree that education cost after high school is increasing dramatically. According to the USAtoday, Republicans claimed “The cost of a college education has long been on an unsustainable trajectory, rising year by year far ahead of inflation.” Similarly, Democrats also said “The high cost of college has required too many Americans to take out staggering students loans or put a degree out of reach entirely. We are selling our children and our young people.”

However, their plan to attack student debt are different from one another. They address the issue really opposite. Democrats want to provide students to get free education in colleges while republicans want to take students loans business over the government. Democrats offer a favor by saying that low income families do not have to pay for their children education. They pursue people by claiming that students will be able to refinance their loans at a lower interest rate. However, there were judgment on how this plan is.

Some say, they are offering unrealistic deals in order to get more vote. According to Minnpost reported, some say that lower interest rates can be loss while it can use for a greater goods. Beside that republicans believe in liberty: they don’t want the government to interfere with everything. They want to take out government from providing loans to students, and they rather would take control over it by giving power to private banks. They intended to overturn the Obama plan that contributed in 2010 which get rid of private banks from student loans business and give money to students with low interests.

Hilary Clinton tried hard to get access free education to students in 2016 election. She purposed the idea of democrats’ platform that low income students family should be able to attend college without any cost. Moreover, she also stated about loan forgiveness for students. But Trump turn it upside down and dump it aside when he became president. Trump didn’t mention much about the cost of higher education, but, he stated that government should not get money from student loans (republicansview). However, his policy advisor, Sam Clovis mentioned that Trump would erase the government from giving out money to students which follow the republicans ideas of taking government out of student loans and give access to private banks to take over it.

That was a total opposite of what he had said in 2015 to help low income students through government (Li). According to the student debt relief, Trump plan can be strict in college admissions by only favoring students who would be able to give back the loan money and can succeed. President of Washington college, Shelia Biar, think that Trump’s outline on student loans will make problematic for students who don’t have a lot of money and can create a hard time for them for going to school. She claimed that not every student will be able to continue their education and won’t be able to get a college degree if government stop giving out money to low income students.

Trump wants to solve it by creating more jobs available. He thinks, making more jobs available will prevent students from not being able to pay back their debt, and he wants students to stop applying for deferment and forbearance (which allows student to pause his or her student loan payments during a period of time that he or she can’t pay them). Student loan deferment, along with forbearance, allows students to postpone their payments for a while and also keep the loans in good standing (Wadia). To summarize, he wants to erase the government from giving money to students, no loan forgiveness for students, allow private banks to take over student loans, force colleges to make sure that their students will be able to pay back the debts, and strict college admissions by favoring outstanding students (Wadia).

Most Americans’ parents are anxious about their children getting into colleges and cost of colleges. Even though some students don’t want to take out loans for their education, they have to apply for it still since they cannot afford for it. Most low-income students would not be able to attend or continue college education without getting loans and going deep into debts. Higher tuition will cause the college enrollment rate to plummet exponentially with students to unable to afford it, and it is possible that many students will choose to forego college or begin their collegiate careers at two years community colleges. One said “fewer students may be able to attend college if they feel their families would be put under financial stress. Public universities are, traditionally, a more affordable option for low income students, who are most likely to be hit the hardest by tuition increase” (N.C. center for public policy research).

According to Public Agenda, some people think college education is not worth anymore when students are not so sure about getting the job they want, while other think college cost is unfair because it is way too high to get into their dream top school and not every students able to get scholarships. It also put stress for parents and students to find money to keep their education going when they have so little in come. Some families collect money as soon as the child is born for the intention of sending him or her to college when that child grow up, that way they think they would not have to worry about it too much when it the time come. People become question about whether college education is worth or not due to the increasing of the college cost.

Moreover, most people agree with democrats idea of making college education accessible for students who have little income money, but some republicans people disagree about it. Some people believe they learn most of the things and talent from going to school while other says they can learn from outside sources and college is not important much for getting a job. Some American feel that giving so much money to college is a waste of money that can use better in somewhere else while other feel they need to get a higher degree to get hire in a job that make good money. People attitude change over time on the matter of the rising cost of college education. According to north Carolina Insight, American used to think that college can provide them with a good paying jobs in the future, and will give them a better life than people with high school diploma.

However, some students cannot keep going for their education because the cost of college is so expensive for them, and thus they decide it is better for them to dropped out from college or never attend. Increasing in college cost demand students to take loans and end up in debts. Plus, more people demanding public universities or colleges over private since private can be so expensive for the same level of education and teaching and learning. There is no student out there that does not want to go to college, but they lost track and motivation because of the college cost. They become believing it is not worth anymore to them to pay higher and not sure about getting a job. Some parents totally cannot afford for their children education and they tell them to dropped out from school and make them work full time or part time and support the family back.

Especially, Some uneducated Asian and Mexican parents think that education is not necessary to get a job and earn money. They believe, as long as their children can work physically, they will never end up without foods. But some students just dropped out from school because they have no interest about learning or staying in school; they just want to go to work field and do the hard work instead. On the other hand, most of the parents want to get more information about college cost and how they can solve it for their beloved children to get a college degree. They feel that they need to be more educated about it (N.C. Center for publice policy research).

College cost have been rising constantly nowadays. Young people and their families got into debt because they believe that college degree will help them to get a better job and will be able to make more money than high school diploma. Some dropped out from school because they cannot afford to pay for the school anymore. However, I think, even though college cost is rising, we still getting so many opportunities to keep our education going until we reach our goals. Today, we can apply for scholarships that available in so many scholarship websites.

As technology grow we can get access and apply to whatever free money we can get for to keep continues our education. Some scholarships don’t even need an essay. If a student tried hard and take the advantage of all the scholarship offers, they will not have any problem paying debt. When I was in summer school, my teacher told us about how he got out from college degree with no debt- it is simple- work. We can work while attending college and pay for the debt or just pay college expenses from the money from working.

Moreover, as I mentioned above, we can reduce expense by taking online classes if available. I agree that college cost is rising more than it should, but that doesn’t mean students won’t be able to achieve their dreams or continues their education. If something is cost more, then we have to try more to get it no matter what instead of just complaining. We still can earn money from working if we didn’t get good score enough or knowledge enough to apply for scholarships. Most of colleges and high schools now offers Dual Enrollment programs like Early College (which is attending college early during in high school year and get A.A. degree when student get high school diploma), Early Admission (which allow students to attend college one year early in their senior year), and students can take college courses in high school to get college credits. If you try hard and study hard, you will get those opportunity and will be able to cut down college expenses.

Being in one of those programs will reduce the amount of time you will normally have to spend when you go to college, and it save your or your parents money for college because you can get free college courses; school will pay for you. On the other hand, I also want colleges to lower the price a little bit, that way students will not end up with a deep debt after they finish school. I believe the cost of college should not be a burden for parents and students. Overall, I really think it all worth at the end of the day when you finally get your bachelor’s degree or more and get into your dream job.

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