Privileged Admission to the College of Pharmacy

Updated August 3, 2022

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Privileged Admission to the College of Pharmacy essay

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In order to fully comprehend the extent of human behavior, one must integrate the departments of natural science, psychology, cognition, and neuroscience. The LSA major Biopsychology, Cognition, and Neuroscience(BCN) at the University of Michigan does exactly that.

Being first introduced to this specific major by my AP Psychology teacher at Troy High, I was interested in how elements of biology would be integrated into psychological studies. This lead me to seek out BCN students currently attending the University of Michigan, from whom I learned about the variety of classes and labs within the major in which these different fields mesh.

I look forward to courses such as Cellular and Molecular Neurobiology and Genetics, as I believe that these courses will provide me with a solid scientific foundation from which to base my studies on the human mind. Furthermore, the Genetics course will also help me gain a more thorough understanding of myself and those around me. One lab option that I find especially riveting is Laboratory in Animal Behavior, research in this particular area igniting my interest in behavioral similarities between species.

Because of a combination of factors such as my father majoring in the subject as well as my introspective and observant nature, I have always been fascinated with psychology. However, through taking classes such as Genetics, Bacteriology, Biotechnology, Embryology(GBBE), AP Chemistry, and AP Biology, I have discovered a newfound passion in naturalistic science.

As a result, I am also applying preferred admission to the College of Pharmacy at the University of Michigan. Among all the subjects that fall under the science category, I find chemistry to be the most compelling. I look forward to classes such as Organic Chemistry(II) as well as Introductory to Biochemistry and Human Anatomy, giving me the opportunity to explore interrelated concepts. In addition, the Human Anatomy course, a course that I have always wanted to take at Troy High but choose to fill my schedule with more rigorous courses instead, will provide me with insight in an entirely new subject.

Being granted preferred admission into the College of Pharmacy at the University of Michigan will not only provide me with a linear path that focuses my tertiary education, something much needed for a person who is passionate about multiple fields of study, but also allow me to learn and develop as an individual at the university with the third best nationally ranked pharmacy program.

This is only a microscopic spec of what the University of Michigan has to offer me. Due to its structured preferred admission pathway, interdisciplinary exploration, and academic rigor, not to mention the lifelong connections made by alumni, I aspire to give back. Active Minds at the University of Michigan appeals to me especially as I have learned the importance of mental health throughout my years in a highly competitive environment. Similar to the Project LEAD club at Troy High I find the volunteering group Will Work For Food at the University of Michigan very interesting, as I want to be a part of a community that fosters active engagement.

All in all, I desire to follow my passion. For me, not only does that mean attending the University of Michigan, but more importantly being a positive influence within the University.

Privileged Admission to the College of Pharmacy essay

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