My Way to Pharmacy Career

Updated May 22, 2021

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My Way to Pharmacy Career essay

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Often times when I thought of a pharmacy I pictured a drug store and a pharmacist wearing a white coat standing behind the counter and checking medications and consulting the patients all day. One day after visiting the pharmacy to pick up my mother’s medications, I was eager to ask the pharmacist what is their job and if I could understand what is it like to work at a pharmacy.

I learned that under the law, pharmacy is defined as it must be licensed by the state board, it’s also where the professional pharmacy is practiced, pharmacy is also where medications are compounded. Also, pharmacy is a place where dangerous drugs or devices are stored, prepared, manufactured, compounded, and repackaged.

Pharmacy is also a place where dangerous drugs or devices are furnished, sold or dispensed at retail. I also learned that pharmacists are more contributed in helping patients than I thought. pharmacists offer advices to both patients and other medicinal professionals about the most operative therapy. The best way I found to gain more knowledge was to look for a job in the pharmacy. In order for me to work in the pharmacy I needed to become a certified or licensed pharmacy technician.

I started working with different pharmacists from different fields in the pharmacy, I started working at a retail pharmacy and a hospital pharmacy as well. Working at different facilities helped me realize the right career path that suit my interests. I started learning the process of filling a prescription and the drop-off and pick-up process. I also learned how to handle medications the accurate way.

Each time I go through the process of filling a medication, I learned to make sure to have the right patient with the right documentations and to always triple check everything belongs to the right person. Small errors can cause big problem, which results affecting someone’s life accidentally. I’m happy to know becoming a pharmacy technician doesn’t have to be the final stop on my career but an excellent starting point to lead to a career in pharmacy to strengthened my experience.

Working as a pharmacy technician for almost four years now helped me gain more knowledge to understand what is like to become a pharmacist. For me, being a pharmacist is not just the material we go through in pharmacy school that makes a difference but it’s having the ability to listen and show caring to other people. Being a pharmacy technician taught me to listen with open mind and heart to what others have to say and to always make a positive difference in their life. I enjoy working in the pharmacy around the clock.

I love everything about pharmacy, the environment, working as a team and come up with different thoughts and ideas in helping people to better health in every possible way. I love my job as a pharmacy technician and I hope I can continue touching and helping people’s life because of the many lives that have touched me as a pharmacy technician. People always ask me “what do you like about pharmacy career?” Eventually, pharmacy has not been my career but my whole life and the most beautiful dream that I’ll always strive for to make a difference in the life of others.

While attending high school and containing on to college ever sense science was my most favorite subject. Sometimes during the semester, I requested to take more science classes than the required ones just because I loved the subject and wanted to learn more and more about it. Pharmacist should know enough about science and chemistry to continue succeeding in pharmacy school.

Pharmacists play a key role in helping patients feel better and get well as quickly as possible. As a PharmD degree seeker I always wanted to achieve this dream and dedicate my whole life to providing service to one and all. I have always wanted to be a pharmacist, I love the idea of touching people lives and help them get the right medication treatment to get well and live happily/healthy life.

I have set this goal since I was young and prepare for it, I worked hard with determination in my science subjects specifically on chemistry because I know that is one of the cores subjects of pharmacy school. I believe earning a pharmacy degree will not only fulfill my dream but will also help me contribute to my community. It’s been a passion that I am rolling over since my childhood.

My Way to Pharmacy Career essay

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