Personal Goals Can Make the Impossible Possible

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Going to study abroad is a serious decision and it has its advantages and disadvantages. You have to work hard and set your goals to make your dreams come true. Everyone can feel unmotivated at times, but if we have the right mindset, we can make the impossible possible.

Life is not perfect, although, we have to try to make the best of it. We make mistakes, but every failure leads to a new way to make our life better. It’s hard to imagine yourself in five years when you’re just trying to make it to Friday. But everyone has expectations about how the perfect life should look like. In the ideal situations, in five years, I will have my bachelor degree in Business Administration, which is the main purpose of being here. Life is not only black and white, I also want to closely pay attention and benefit from everything I`m doing. I want to have new friends, to meet new and interesting people and to have a plan for my prospective career.

There are many ups and downs in our lives. If there is 50% of success, we have to admit that there is 50% of failure as well. In my worst situation in five years from now, I won’t be graduated, I would have failed my exams. Another fear of mine about the near future is losing the strong relationship I have with my family and friends. Being away from everyone you love is a challenge and it may turn out to be the most difficult part of studying abroad.

Living in Amsterdam is a distraction itself. We have to put a great amount of effort to withstand all the temptations in the city. There are a lot of pitfalls that can lead to the wrong way and the risk of failure is high. Another issue in trying to attain my ideal situation may be the lack of motivation and support. I made a big step in deciding to live abroad, away from my family and friends. I went out of my comfort zone and now I’m trying my best to adjust in that new culture. The strong desire to explore might be a double-edged sword.

I was taught that people who take risks are brave, but far braver are the ones that take risks despite the fear. I strongly believe that in 5 years, we should have something to tell our friends about. Our future is constantly changing and shifting, but if we remain persistent in what we believe in, there`s a great chance to succeed. Words matter and I promise to myself to give 101% effort to pass my exams. In case I have a problem with my studies, I`ll talk with the study advisers and I’ll try new ways of effectively studying.

I believe life is about whether you`re willing to do what it takes to get what you want. It’s all about staying committed to your goals beyond your feeling of excitement. Self-interest is arguably the single largest motivator of economic and personal activity. With the focus on achieving my ‘big’ goal, I have some short-term challenges: To the end of December, I will be on time with every assignment, I will join a student association. I would like to meet a lot of new and interesting people and maybe even to make lifelong relationships.

I believe everyone here is assertive enough to handle any future challenges. We’re here on purpose and we’ll learn how to make a real difference and not only to build up our own world but to become a worthy part of society.


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