My Personal Philosophy of Nursing Admission Essay

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I as the nursing student in Seneca College view health as the complete well being of a person where a person is affected by health beliefs and health behaviours. Health is holistic settlement of person encompassing physical, spiritual, emotional and social aspect. As a nurse, i will make a nursing philosophy paper by using my technical knowledge and decision making skills that are needed to care for patients.

There are many beliefs and values that affect the four aspects of nursing metaparadigm. Those are privacy, accuracy in caring, fairness in decision making, commitment, interpersonal relationship, honesty, sympathy, confidentiality and human dignity. Assumptions related to nursing includes are as a nurse I will set boundaries of my professional conduct with other colleagues. Moreover, other assumptions related to nursing to lead and provide the best care to the patient in terms of education, research and policy. Other assumptions might include improving the rules and regulations in the practice centre because it has a direct impact on the quality of patient care.

“Health is the degree of wellness that client is experiencing, continuum of wellness to terminal illness” (Berman & Synder, 2012, p.299).

The values, beliefs and assumptions stated above are related to the four aspects of metaparadigm as the values and beliefs including confidentiality, honesty, fairness in decision making and many more effect all the four aspects of metaparadigm as if there will be conflict between both nurse and client then the best outcome of care will not be reported and also it will affect the person and health of the person. Assumptions are applied in all aspects of nursing metaparadigm as assumptions of a nurse like setting boundaries with colleague as well as with patient improve the health of the patient and also develop the interpersonal relationship between nurse and patient. Also, assumptions like setting ethical rules helps in providing better care to the patient and also outcome is improved.

Personal philosophy of nursing means values, beliefs, and assumptions related to my practice as nurse. For me, nursing is about understanding patients on emotional, physical, social and spiritual levels. It is essential to be an educator, provider, teacher, manger and leader for the patient to achieve best outcome in health from patient.

My personal philosophy of nursing related to nursing paradigm is all about patient care. First parameter of nursing is most important as the patient’s has to be taken care as a whole to achieve best quality of care. Secondly, I cannot neglect the second aspect of nursing paradigm that is environmental because it is important to note the surrounding in which he/she lives as both environment and patient are inter-related.

‘Through ensuing generations, environmental conditions have improved and science has provided effective treatment pathways’(Crane & Selanders, 2012, p.23).

Patient belongs to a larger community with different features and characteristics that influence patient’s lives. Thirdly, I believe that health is a state of human where one experiences illness and wellness both at different levels depending on the environmental factors. Lastly, nursing involves getting into the patient and providing the best quality care and being engaged with them in the moment and understanding not only the patient but also his condition, sufferings, pain and also the family members of the patient.

It is important to have personal philosophy of nursing because every individual is different. Both nurse and patient are unique. However, Vicki D. Lachman (2012) states that “when a person chooses to become a nurse he or she has made a moral commitment to car for all patients”. So, different perceptions lead to better health outcome of the patient and achieving the best quality of care for the patients.

The personal nursing philosophy and practice are inter-related. Personal philosophy acts as the basis of practice because it helps to achieve the best application of things in

Practice and also promotes nursing knowledge and helps in increasing further knowledge related to nursing theory and practice. To make it more understandable, personal nursing philosophy is related to the nursing metaparadigm which is rooted out from practical knowledge and tells us the relation between nursing philosophy and practice.

An example of practice is when I work in a hospital setting; I always make my nursing philosophy to enter in it. For me, nursing philosophy is providing mainly four things to patient or can be said treating the patient in the way he/she wants to be treated. Those four things are respect, privacy, honesty and advocacy. I don’t only encounter with the patient but also with his/her family members because they are the main part in treating the patient from illness. Caring is the most important part in achieving best quality of health by beneficence, non-maleficence, collaboration and empathy. Every nurse has different philosophies in treating the patient but for me these are required in practice to achieve the required goal.

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