My Experience with Mathematics

Updated November 14, 2020

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My Experience with Mathematics essay

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Many people perceive mathematics as boring and all about numbers, letters, and equations. But Mathematics plays a very vital role in everyday life. It is found everywhere in life and work. There are many applications of math in the society. But before appreciating those applications and use of mathematics we should go to school and learn all of those. It is not easy studying mathematics nor fun but Mathematics is a subject given since grade 1, I think, that requires a high amount of paying attention and listening to the teachers. And based on my experience it is indeed a difficult subject to take.

Math is a big part of my life not just mine but all of us because of course it is used all the time. However some people, including me at the past, have anxiety when I think about Mathematics because I don’t like math and we are tired of solving for “x”. In the past, I literally don’t like and understand why it was part and given to us because I don’t even get any knowledge every after the class. My first impression of it was good, somehow, but when junior high school happened, I came to dislike it, especially Grade 9-10 but time goes by I came to enjoy it again and again. Seeing the nature and what is really mathematics is all about makes me feel amazed and adore math all the time. I think the teachers of Mathematics have a great impact in learning and loving Mathematics. I observed how It was explained by the teacher makes me like and love Math again and again.

My experience with math was initially good, because of the teachers I had. Teachers make all the difference when it comes to presenting math and I think social media has a great influence also in learning and appreciating math. Thinking back about all my experiences when it came to learning math, I didn’t have the best experiences because I struggled a lot to understand the different concepts, formulas, techniques and tools that are used when solving different equations but yet time goes by and at present I appreciate it and it was fun and the best.

My Experience with Mathematics essay

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