Movement Toward Goals

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Life is meaningless without goals. I set up my goals regular and plan to accomplish them step-by-step. My current goal is to graduate from high school with high grade and to learn as much as I can so I will be prepared for college. It will not be that difficult to reach if I am responsible to my academic classes. Along with that, I am also craving to apply for the AUCA.

By achieving this goal, I will finish the first step that is going to reach my dream, which is to become an entrepreneur. Another goal I want to accomplish with degree is to help my state solve social and environmental problems. In order to accomplish that, I will be more involved in implementing corporate social responsibility programs to gain experience about it and what to expect in the future. A career of Business sphere has been my dream ever since I tried myself in Project Development Group, as part of the curriculum in Y-PEER network. The various approaches I could take toward embodying of business ideas excited me in a way no other thing did.

Ever since then, my goal has always been to continually evolve into more capable businessman. Nearing the end of my high school study, I feel the next best step to fulfill that goal is to enroll in an AUCA that provides one of the best educational facilities to push my professional career in the right path. Ever since I was young, I had always wanted to make contribution on my country. I know that wherever I find myself, no matter the industry, my ultimate goal would be to find a way to make Tajikistan a better place. This is what I am craving on using my Business Administration education to do, to become part of wheel system and develop the entrepreneurship activity of Tajikistan. There are many ways that I could do this and to be frank, I am not fully sure on how I will get there.

However, I am sure that with support of US-CAEF program and with a curriculum classes overflowing with information at American University of Central Asia, I will reach all my goals. Thus, the practical and well-structured program of the AUCA, would lay a solid foundation for my future needs, and abundant resources would allow me to learn the skills to be a good businessman and solve various problems that I might face in the future. I am convinced that with the help of US-CAEF program and AUCA, I can become a professional in my field of activity.


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