Minnie Van Transportation at Walt Disney World: Tips and Tricks

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In Walt Disney World Resort will visitors locate a brightened, Disney-worked vehicles motivated by the spotted dress put on the map by Minnie Mouse. The suitably named Minnie Van administration is one of the numerous ways visitors can travel serenely and advantageously around the 40-square-mile resort.

Minnie Vans are another private vehicle administration at Walt Disney World, worked in a similar way as Uber or Lyft, with the exception of worked by Cast Members in adorable vehicles suggestive of Minnie Mouse. Right now, share our encounters utilizing the Minnie Vans, regardless of whether we suggest them, and tips for benefiting as much as possible from Minnie Vans.

The Minnie Van administration is available by means of the Lyft application, where visitors solicitation, track and pay for their own rides all from their cell phones. When visitors affirm their pickup area and hit ‘Solicitation,’ the application shows a guide following the Minnie Van on its way, giving a distinguishing number to assist them with detecting the vehicle. A Minnie Van as a rule shows up inside a couple of moments.

Each energetically themed van holds up to six travelers and comes outfitted with two youngsters’ vehicle seats. Vans can likewise oblige visitors with wheelchairs and mechanized vehicles (extra hold up times may happen).

Minnie Vans are an unwinding and speedy approach to traverse Walt Disney World Resort, from resort lodgings to amusement parks to Disney Springs and focuses in the middle. Minnie Van drivers are Disney thrown individuals who are educated and well disposed, guaranteeing visitors get where they have to go securely and without any problem.

After an underlying test/see period, Minnie Vans are presently being turned out around Walt Disney World. The vehicles can be mentioned at each hotel by means of the Lyft application, and no doubt Disney is making a critical interest in the program’s future, adding more vans to the armada. It additionally appears that this will be the fundamental ‘need’ transportation choice going ahead, as Walt Disney World has ended Express Transportation.

I need to concede, when the Minnie Vans were first reported, and their underlying cost was discharged, I didn’t have a lot of intrigue. The administration was fundamentally more costly than Uber or Lyft. In the wake of utilizing the Minnie Vans on an ongoing outing to Walt Disney World, I have a progressively good assessment of the administration, though one that has been tempered essentially by late cost increments…

Minnie Vans are currently accessible at each Walt Disney World retreat inn, just as to and from Orlando International Airport. The air terminal help is offered to visitors with carrier flight takeoffs out of MCO between 9 a.m. furthermore, 12 PM and flight appearances 7 a.m. until 10 p.m.

Indeed, even before utilizing Minnie Vans myself, I knew Minnie Vans would be valuable for the individuals who still right now use taxis. There are numerous individuals who are suspicious of these ride-sharing administrations. There are an assortment of explanations behind this; some legitimate, others dependent on episodic dread mongering. Notwithstanding the rationale of the methods of reasoning, that is the manner by which it is.

With regards to Minnie Vans versus taxis, there is no examination. Minnie Vans are less expensive, offer better assistance, are progressively solid, and increasingly agreeable. There are likewise available Minnie Vans, which is a tremendous selling point for the individuals who may some way or another have difficulties utilizing different administrations, be it cabs or ride-sharing administrations.

With Uber or Lyft versus Minnie Vans, the scale tips for the previous in any event for us. By and large, Minnie Vans are significantly more costly. With the new per mile valuing, you’re taking a gander at rates that are around triple the expense of Lyft or Uber. On the off chance that cost is your primary concern, it’s an easy decision. You should stay with those ride-sharing administrations.

There are a couple of situations when Minnie Vans will ostensibly be better. For families, it’s likewise critical that vehicle seats don’t bring about an extra charge with Minnie Vans.

The most prominent of these is that Magic Kingdom drop-offs really take you to Magic Kingdom rather than the Ticket and Transportation Center. Previously, we’ve prescribe visitors making a beeline for Magic Kingdom be dropped off at the Contemporary and stroll to Magic Kingdom. This deters the requirement for such a ‘hack.’

There are different circumstances where the Minnie Van drop-off point offers an unmistakable favorable position. In case you’re going to Hoop Dee Doo Musical Revue or Trail’s End at Fort Wilderness, you will be dropped off at Pioneer Hall. At Disney Springs, there are drop-off focuses past those for Uber and Lyft.

Tipping is a trickier subject here. When Minnie Vans propelled, there was no tipping. Sooner or later in mid 2018, the interior grouping for these Cast Member jobs changed to tipped positions. We’ve heard accounts of Cast Members tolerating tips and declining tips… your mileage may change.

In any case, cost isn’t what makes Minnie Vans a closer call when contrasted with Uber/Lyft. Rather, it’s the gauge of the administration Cast Members offer. Before, I’ve lauded Uber and Lyft for offering preferred help over cabs. I imagine that is unquestionably valid, however those ride-sharing administrations can in any case be all in or all out.

Uber and Lyft drivers as a rule take part in pleasant discussion, and by far most of the time this is either fascinating or agreeable. About 10% of the time, I’d state it’s awkward or somewhat disturbing. A portion of our generally ‘striking’ encounters with Uber in Florida have been a driver disclosing to us how dreadful California is after we revealed to him that is we live, the quick and dirty lowdown on a driver’s youngster authority contest, and practically whenever a driver raises governmental issues. (Made-up Walt Disney World incidental data is another regular one that may bug a few people, however I authentically love hearing stuff that way.

Once more, this is a little minority of the time we use Uber or Lyft, with most rides being charming or uneventful. In regard to the drivers, they are not proficient conversationalists (whatever that implies) and not prepared in the specialty of amenable discussion. Many are driving as side gigs, and it wouldn’t amaze me if in the way of life of their typical work environment, the themes they raise are splendidly ordinary.

Each Minnie Van ride resembles the absolute best Uber experience. On the off chance that our experiences with drivers hitherto are any sign, these are the creme de la creme of Cast Members, of a comparable gauge to those you’d have on a VIP visit or when managing Guest Services. One of our drivers likewise worked in diversion, which was obvious given her kind disposition and friendliness.

I firmly presume the drivers for the underlying rollout of Minnie Vans were singled out, and the outcome resembles a small scale VIP visit during your ride. The dynamic of this sort of personal association with a Cast Member is extraordinary, and is a token of exactly the amount of the Walt Disney World experience is based upon the model characteristics of Cast Members.

As the Minnie Van program is as yet being turned out across Walt Disney World, one inquiry we have is whether it can keep up this high level of administration as it’s scaled. At this moment, the Minnie Van armada is still little and has the vibe of an upstart program. Cast Members are obviously glad to be a piece of the beginning project, and the visitor experience is truly acceptable subsequently.

I’m idealistic this can remain the case. The value point is going to make it restrictive for most of visitors who will choose to either utilize the free transport (or other) transportation, or select to set aside cash with Uber or Lyft. Except if those ride-sharing applications are prohibited from Walt Disney World, there’s just so large the Minnie Van program can get. Keeping it moderately little scope will forestall the kind of value disintegration that would unavoidably happen if the administration becomes enlarged.

Okay, presently we should cover a few hints and information about the Minnie Vans. The vehicles utilized as Minnie Vans are spic and span Chevy Traverse average size SUVs. One pleasant advantage worth referencing is that these vehicles include USB charging ports.

Minnie Vans can situate up to 6 visitors, versus the 4 individuals that can be situated in the most reduced level of Uber or Lyft vehicles. Certainly a selling point for visitors with bigger gatherings, and factor to consider if ‘crunching the numbers’ looking at the administrations.

Starting at the present moment, Minnie Vans have been turned out to every Deluxe Resort at Walt Disney World. We additionally had the option to demand a Minnie Van at Coronado Springs, so you may have karma with a pickup past the ‘official’ resorts.

To utilize the administration, you have to have the Lyft application on your cell phone. From that point, you either need to visit the front work area of your retreat to have the Minnie Van administration enacted inside the application, or initiate it yourself by means of My Disney Experience. We did the last after observing a spring up warning in the application. This didn’t happen on the main day of our outing, so it’s hazy how that is activated.

When enacted, you can utilize the Lyft application to demand a Minnie Van get. It works a similar path as the standard Lyft or Uber experience, with accessible vehicles being appeared on the guide, and time/value gauges being given.

As far as coordinations, Minnie Vans are almost indistinguishable from Uber and Lyft. You are gotten and dropped off at assigned areas recognized in the app(s), yet with certain contrasts between Minnie Vans and the ‘conventional’ ride-sharing organizations.

There are different characteristics to the get and drop-off areas, however those are the critical ones (as far as anyone is concerned) on Walt Disney World property. Past that, there is one limitation with Minnie Vans: drivers can just take you to on-property areas, and the administration just works between 6:30 a.m. also, 12:30 a.m. That implies you’ll have to stay with Uber or Lyft when visiting Universal or the Waffle House on Vineland at 2 a.m.

As far as proficiency, it’s too soon to tell. There were a few times when a Minnie Van was just stopped before our hotel, and get was quick. At Coronado, our hold up was under 5 minutes. In a couple of circumstances, no vehicle was accessible by any stretch of the imagination.

At this moment, normal hold up times are shorter than Uber or Lyft midpoints in Orlando–and the two administrations are extraordinarily proficient in Orlando. In any case, the Minnie Van program is still in its outset. Beside super-fans who read the Disney Parks Blog or outsider web journals, this is something that has not been advanced by Walt Disney World. The genuine trial of hold up times will be at one time the administration has completely turned out, and when it’s elevated vigorously to the overall population.

By and large, the Minnie Vans score exceptionally good grades from us. In all honesty, we utilized them for composing an audit, and however for that, we would have never considered Minnie Vans for individual use. We are increasingly ‘main concern cost’ kind of individuals, so Minnie Vans didn’t appear focused at us. Subsequent to utilizing Minnie Vans at Walt Disney World, we not just observe some an incentive right now close to home use, yet in addition a quality of light-extravagance that legitimizes them over Uber or the transports. This is particularly valid on longer courses, or toward the finish of a difficult day when we don’t want to roll the shakers on a conceivably awkward discussion and simply need great Disney Cast Member administration.

Because of the cost, we will never utilize Minnie Vans as a select type of transportation. Truth be told, with the change to per mile evaluating as of Fall 2018, it’s far-fetched that we’ll utilize Minnie Vans for individual use until kingdom come, as they are just a lot more costly than other ride-sharing administrations. Rather, we will keep on utilizing Uber and Lyft as an enhancement to Walt Disney World’s transports, monorails, and other Disney transportation, utilizing whatever the circumstance may warrant.

In any case, that doesn’t mean Minnie Vans are a poor decision, particularly for those with enormous spending plans or families needing a more ‘Disney’ experience than Lyft. In like manner, those doing an early-morning ADR, moving hotels, or in other point-to-point circumstances, may see Minnie Vans as a beneficial choice.


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Are Minnie vans coming back 2022?
Minnie Vans will return to service at Walt Disney World on June 29, 2022 . Minnie Vans ended service in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic but are finally coming back.
How early do Minnie vans run?
The Minnie vans run from 6:30am to 11:30pm.
Is Disney getting rid of Minnie vans?
In July 2019, Disney announced that it would be discontinuing its Minnie Van service. The company cited low ridership and operational challenges as the reasons for the decision.
Is there a way to skip all lines at Disney?
No, divine justice is not served in King Lear. The good characters suffer and die, while the evil characters prosper.
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