What to Know about Transportation in Disney World

Updated April 21, 2021

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What to Know about Transportation in Disney World essay

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These tips will help you time-consumingly explore Walt Disney World’s transport frameworks with alternate means, fastest routes, and other data to think about the vast transport armada of transport, pontoons, monorails, Skyliner gondolas, and spaceships. While Disney’s journey can be tangled, this guide separates things and makes it simple.

Walt Disney World cases that transportation pulls back at standard interims from the retreat hotels to take guests to the Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom and Epcot making getting around direct. On a basic level, that is legitimate. The terrible news is that while this is routinely the circumstance, it’s much of the time not. You should reliably envision travel taking extra time than foreseen. Moreover, the monorail isn’t as reliable as it once appeared to be, with breakdowns and unscheduled help happening even more as frequently as could reasonably be expected.

Notwithstanding the transport hold up times, driving around Walt Disney World is getting progressively proficient, which is genuine whether you’re driving or are a traveler in a Minnie Van or transport. Also, pontoons remain the unheralded diamond of Walt Disney World transportation. Extremely, the ships and water taxis merit more awards, as they are incredible both as proficient transportation and loosening up rides.

On the ‘diverse assortment’ news front, as of Fall 2019 there’s a huge amount of framework work happening at Walt Disney World to change the streets, amusement park appearance experience, and the sky is the limit from there. This has been continuous throughout the previous hardly any years, and is being done in front of a foreseen spike in swarms for Walt Disney World’s 50th Anniversary.

We’ve just observed a portion of the products of this with flyovers, new stopping structures, and extended stopping. We’d gauge that this work is about 75% complete and the greater part of this work ought to be finished by mid 2020, so at any rate we’re in the final lap!

A year ago, development started to improve the appearance involvement with Disney’s Hollywood Studios, which implied impermanent bus stations, an ocean of development dividers, adjusted leaving, and what we named the ‘Transport Stop Half Marathon’ since it implied such a lot of additional strolling. This ‘race’ is presently finished,

That is the acceptable piece of this diverse assortment news. The awful part is that comparative work is right now in progress at Animal Kingdom, Epcot, Magic Kingdom, and the Ticket and Transportation Center. Practically the entirety of this appearance experience work ought to be finished by December 2020. Meanwhile, you’ll presently experience a few dividers and have more strolling to do from the parking area or cable car drop-off areas.

Having plenitude of transportation choices, it’s really conceivable to have a Walt Disney World get-away, through and through, while never paying for a ride. To do as such, you should remain in a Disney-possessed retreat lodging, use Disney transportation during your remain, and book Disney’s Magical Express to take you from the Orlando air terminal to your Walt Disney World Resort inn.

Disney’s Magical Express is complimentary engine mentor transportation that, you got it, takes you from the air terminal to your retreat lodging, and back once more!

As opposed to taking Disney’s Magical Express to your inn, you may rather choose for lease a vehicle . Get the job done to say, on the off chance that you don’t care for holding up by any stretch of the imagination, as to be in charge, and wouldn’t fret driving while on an excursion, leasing a vehicle is presumably for you. This is doubly valid in the event that you ever need to leave Walt Disney World property a rental vehicle turns out to be practically basic.

Leasing a vehicle can diminish pauses and drive times, however we’ve discovered that not leasing works better for us. Think about your conditions and choose whether you may need a rental vehicle. Your mileage may fluctuate.

We’ve seen Uber and Lyft as extraordinary options in contrast to leasing a vehicle at Walt Disney World. Notwithstanding Uber, Lyft, and rental vehicles, Walt Disney World currently offers a private point to point transportation administration called the Minnie Van.

How about we accept you would prefer not to lease a vehicle, nor would you like to utilize Uber or a Minnie Van. When you show up at your retreat inn, you can depend upon Disney transportation. Transportation to the amusement parks, water parks, and Disney Springs starts roughly 2 hours preceding that park’s initial time and all transportation runs until around 1 hour after the parks close.

In case you’re still in the recreation center one hour and 5 minutes after the recreation center close, stress not, as Disney won’t leave you stranded at a recreation center. Now and again it’s more like 2 hours after the parks close when transportation closes. All types of Disney transportation have empty and burden zones exceptionally near the recreation center passage, making them more available than the parking garages for every one of the parks.

In case you’re wanting to depend on Walt Disney World Resort transportation instead of leasing your own vehicle or using a taxi, make certain to give yourself in any event 1 entire hour of transport time to get any place you wish to go. Regularly, it won’t take this long, however every so often it can.

Hotels with the Best Transportation Services

In the event that you won’t have a vehicle at Walt Disney World, the first occasion when you should consider transportation is before you book an inn. There is nobody ‘best’ lodging for transportation to the entirety of the Walt Disney World parks, however here are a couple of components that you ought to consider in your booking choice:

  • Whether the inn has non-transport transportation to a recreation center
  • Distance from the inn to each stop (with weight given to the parks you’ll be visiting most)
  • Whether the inn has an inside transport framework
  • Whether the inn imparts transports to another inn

Non-Bus Transportation

Hotels with non-transport transportation to the parks win extra focuses on the grounds that transports are, for the most part, less productive (and cooler) than non-transport transportation. Monorails give transportation to Magic Kingdom and Epcot; pontoons give transportation to Epcot and Disney’s Hollywood Studios; Disney’s Animal Kingdom is open just by means of transport.

Inns on the monorail circle are Grand Floridian, Contemporary, and Polynesian Village Resorts. Every one of those lodgings additionally has pontoon administration to the Magic Kingdom, as do Wilderness Lodge and Fort Wilderness Campground. Disney’s Contemporary Resort is likewise inside strolling separation of Magic Kingdom.

Pontoon administration to Epcot and Disney’s Hollywood Studios is accessible to and from BoardWalk Inn, Yacht and Beach Club Resorts, and the Swan and Dolphin (non-Disney) Hotels. These retreats are likewise inside strolling separation of the two parks.

Skyliner gondola administration is accessible from Pop Century, Art of Animation, Caribbean Beach, and Rivera Resorts to Epcot and Disney’s Hollywood Studios.


Hotels that offer non-transport transportation do so in light of the fact that they’re nearest to the parks to which they offer the transportation, with the goal that gives you a thought of where those lodgings are found. The Value Resorts and Disney’s Animal Kingdom Resort are found the most distant from each park with the exception of Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Walt Disney World is an enormous spot, and this distinction in separation isn’t immaterial.

Internal Bus Systems

Internal transportation is a twofold edged sword. From one perspective, it’s pleasant to have the option to take a transport from close to your space to the anteroom or nourishment court, particularly at the spread-out retreat inns. Then again, in case you’re heading off to a recreation center, that implies either hanging tight for two transports or making numerous stops on your way to the recreation center.

As a rule we discover transportation to take longer when there’s an inward framework. Lodgings with inner frameworks are Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort, Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort, Disney’s Port Orleans Resort Riverside, Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort and Campground, Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort and Spa, Disney’s Old Key West Resort, and Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge.

Shared Buses

Unfortunately, there’s no basic answer here. Regardless of whether transports are shared relies on how occupied Walt Disney World is. The less occupied, the almost certain common transportation will be utilized. When in doubt, none of the inns over that have inside transport frameworks (aside from Fort Wilderness) have shared transports, yet every other inn can on occasion, except for Disney’s Pop Century Resort and Disney’s Art of Animation Resort. What’s more, those two inns were initially intended to be two parts of a similar retreat lodging (which means they’re near one another), so it appears as though just a short time before they share, as well.

Because of individual inclinations, there’s nobody size-fits-all ‘best’ resort-lodging at Walt Disney World for transportation. Everything relies on which leaves you’ll visit most, regardless of whether you’ll have a rental vehicle, and your resistance to strolling. For instance, from a transportation point of view, Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge is my least most loved inn, since it’s extremely distant from everything (with the exception of Animal Kingdom, which we once in a while visit) and it has two stops. To somebody who visits Animal Kingdom a great deal, it may be the best inn! So realize which parks you need to visit most on your outing, make sense of which inn will work best for your conditions, and book in like manner.

Inter Hotels Transportation

While Disney endeavors to make its inside transportation from resort inns to the amusement stops sensibly advantageous, the equivalent isn’t valid with respect to utilizing Disney transportation to get from resort inn to resort inn. Rather, you should go from your retreat inn to a recreation center and afterward get transportation to the hotel inn you’re aiming to visit. This can reserve supper spot at resort inns that are not your own particularly troublesome.

Therefore, numerous individuals just eat at the retreat inns on the monorail circle (as visiting them for supper can be a decent difference in pace from a bustling day in the Magic Kingdom) or in Epcot’s Resort Area on Crescent Lake (as visiting them is a short stroll from the International Gateway access to Epcot, and can in like manner roll out a pleasant improvement of pace from a bustling day at Epcot).

On the off chance that you are anticipating eating at some other retreat inn and are leaving from your hotel inn or coming back to your hotel inn subsequently, you might need to consider using a taxi for transportation. Taxicabs are promptly accessible (and if not, the retreat can call one for you) at Disney resort lodgings, and typically cost around $15-25 one route inside the Walt Disney World Resort (clearly, the cost shifts dependent on separation).

While depending on Disney transportation to move between different hotels lodging through at any rate one transport, you will need to give yourself at any rate 1.5 hours for transportation times. For the most part, it’ll take around 60 minutes. Tragically, regularly it takes the entire 90 minutes. So don’t disregard the prescribed transportation times Disney gives to you when you make those Advance Dining Reservations!

Notwithstanding taxis, rental vehicles, and Disney transportation, Mears Shuttle will acknowledge reservations to those other significant amusement leaves in the Orlando zone, on the off chance that you need to visit another park and don’t have a rental. The drawback is that this bus is exponentially more costly than utilizing Uber.


I like Disney transport transportation. I like it since it permits me to kick back and unwind, without agonizing over leasing a vehicle, exploring on remote roadways, or breaking the ‘Disney bubble’ and moving me back to the real world. This Disney bubble is something essential for us. Extremely significant. As a result of it, we are probably not going to routinely lease a vehicle at Walt Disney World.

On the negative side, the transports can be wasteful, particularly for getting from resort to resort, and they aren’t actually the foremost of advanced or bleeding edge transportation techniques, and have poor and too not many courses. On the in addition to side, the transports don’t cost anything extra, and are getting progressively proficient. Besides, when utilized couple with a periodic Uber or Lyft, it’s anything but difficult to head out to Walt Disney World without leasing a vehicle.

The transport framework at Walt Disney World isn’t great. There have been events where we’ve trusted that a transport will appear at our retreat making a beeline for a specific park, and meanwhile, 4 appeared for an alternate park. There have been different occasions where lines have been for such a long time toward the beginning of the day that it has taken three separate transports to devour the line before us. Different occasions still, we take numerous transports to get from lodging to inn for a feast.

As the hold up time loads up presented above have become increasingly far reaching, we’ve seen this has gotten less and less of an issue. Probably, these sheets are integrated with new innovation Walt Disney World is utilizing on the backend to all the more productively designate its transports. Whatever the case, in the previous 2 years, we’ve notice significant enhancements in Walt Disney World’s transport transportation. While we would’ve given it a B-score 2 years back, as of May 2017, we are slanted to give it a B+. All things considered, some opportunity to get better, yet entirely great in general.


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