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Geometry is Everywhere

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Mathematics In Nature

Rene Descartes

Whether you know it or not, geometry is everywhere. Geometry is a type of math that deals with lines, planes, shapes, angles, and much more. When you are driving down the road you see buildings that have geometric qualities. When you come to a stop-sign, you see an eight sided figure called an octagon. So,…

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Branch of Mathematics – Geometry

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Mathematics In Nature

Geometry is all around us-from the orbit of the Moon’s repeating pattern to the complex forms found in a spiderweb. Of course, ancient people saw these things and many more, and they came up with rules to measure and explain what they saw. Geometry is the mathematics branch that studies each other’s shapes and relationships….

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History of Math and Geometry

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Math is an essentially universal element used since prehistoric times by our ancient ancestors. Most believe prehistoric people were able to use math to differentiate between a certain number of like objects. Ancient tribes didn’t need a number system as they only really farmed for however much was there. They understood tallying and keeping track…

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Geometry and Pythagorean Theorem

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As high school and middle school students progress through their Geometry or Trigonometry class, they often see the familiar equation, a2+b2=c2, in their textbooks. Through the Greek philosopher, mathematician, and religious advocate, Pythagoras, students globally incorporate this theorem into their math curriculum. Although Pythagoras’ most well-known revelation was the creation of the Pythagorean Theorem, his…

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Books about Geometry and Trigonometry

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The author in this article compares two books on mathematical subjects that can help to provide a rich background on their developments. One book is about geometry by John Heilbron whereas the other one is about trigonometry by Eli Maor. The author elaborates that, “both writers share a belief that doing the mathematics is fun;…

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