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Light and Dark Humor

Everybody can agree that they have a sense of humor, but everyone’s humor is different. Even the styles of comedy are different. Light and dark comedy are two of the most popular. Both play a part in someone’s sense of humor. Everyone has a sense of humor, but everyone’s sense of humor differs slightly. What…



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Veterans’ Humor

Veterans transitioning from the military, change not only their employment, but their identity. Embedded in their identity is a veterans’ sense of humor. The type of humor that veterans adopt from the military can lead to hardship when transitioning to the civilian world. In this paper we will explore humor in organizations, cynicism and humor…




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Humor in “Girl” by Jamaica Kincaid

“Girl” by Jamaica Kincaid is a series of teachings, instructions and advice that a mother gives to her growing child, daughter. Some of the teachings are about simple issues like housekeeping, washing and hanging clothes. For instance, the mother is telling her daughter to clean the clothes and place them on a stone heap on…



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Humor in Test Formats 

Abstract The purpose of this particular proposed research study is to investigate if composing tests with humorous questions aided in lowering student’s test anxiety and also improved their test performance. The participants of this study will be enrolled at University of West Florida and recruited from undergraduate and graduate courses, taken both during the day…



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Dimensions of Humor in Advertising

According to (Fugate D. , 1998) the rate at which humor appears and the excitement of its followers is not always vindicated by empirical measurement of results. The effortlessness of humor gives way to more complicated interactions when causal relationships are analyzed. Significant studies on humor indicate that the nature of the product, the medium,…



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Styles of Humor and Its Effect in Communication

Whenever we hear society telling us about addiction it is usually relating to tragedy. Then we often talk about the pain, drama, and heartbreak that follows. Of course, addiction is all of those things but for those in recovery it’s can also be something that is filled with humor and joy. Learning to laugh, again,…




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Humor in Framing

Abstract If a leader incorporates the four types of humor (aggressive, affirmative, self-defeating, and self-enhancing) into their framing correctly, they can engage their audience while making themselves seem more trustworthy. Displays of appropriate humor raise perceptions of confidence and competence, which in turn increase status. While displays of inappropriate humor can also signal confidence, they…



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 The Rise and Fall of Humor

Summary McGraw, Williams, and Warren (2013) asked a question that required research in a situation where people are generally uncomfortable and scared. They wanted to know how much time can pass after a tragedy for people to find humor in it. The researchers conducted an online survey that had a total of 1,064 participants (407…


Social Media

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Comedy: Rape Jokes

Comedy can play a huge role in sparking up laughter, often times bringing light to situations. Though, comedy can also bring light into situations that tend to stay on the darker side of a humor spectrum. A very controversial aspect of comedy is the content or topics that is used and or being provided for…




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Stand-Up Comedy about Trauma

Drew Lynch is a stand-up comedian and became famous across the country in 2015 when he received the Golden Buzzer for his performance on America’s Got Talent. Drew did not have aspirations of becoming a stand-up comedian. He moved from his hometown in Indiana to Los Angeles at the age of 19 to pursue an…



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