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Teaching Emotional Intelligence in Online Learning

Abstract Emotional Intelligence (EI) specify the facility to be conscious of, manage, convey and thoughtful once feeling for an well-organized management of emotion. Emotional Intelligence has try out to be most important examine factor in the available learning environment. Thus there’s a association among different studies so as to determine if emotional intelligence has any…

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Emotional Intelligence among the Students

Abstract This paper addresses the importance of emotional intelligence in student’s life that how they affect the most. I was conducted a research on this and the findings are presented and analyzed in the content of this paper. The objective of the research was to study the impact of various dimensions of emotional intelligence on…

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Empathy and Emotional Development in Children

Empathy refers to one’s ability to comprehend and share emotional experiences of another individual. Cameron et al. (2019) state that empathy is a virtue since not everyone can empathize with others. Notably, empathy is a complicated set of emotions that children acquire after understanding and manifesting some feelings. Its sophisticated nature emanates from the need…

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The Development of Empathy from Infancy to Adolescence

Empathy develops in predictable patterns from infancy. From five months onwards, babies begin to perceive facial expressions as organized patterns. Hence, they start responding to emotional expressions. Recordings of evident-related potential at this stage reveal reorganized brain-wave patterns like those of adults. This trend continues into adolescence, with the baby developing various behaviors or skills,…

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Empathy as an Important Part of Emotional Intelligence

Empathy is one of the striking variables for an incredible initiative. As per creators, explicitly amid the time of association’s destruction, pioneers should aptitude in empathy and furthermore have demonstrate his or her essence, compassion and duty since his or her help is required (Hess, Bacigalupo 2013). To assess, empathy is must need when an…

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Valuability of Multiple Intelligences, Intelligence Quotient, and Emotional Intelligence

“An intelligence is the ability to solve problems, or to create products, that are valued within one or more cultural settings. (Gardner H. 1983)” Throughout history, people hold in high regard the importance of having a high Intelligence Quotient (IQ). Believing that if a person possesses a generally high IQ it would mean that this…

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