Job Recruitment Process

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Recruitment process is the process of identifying job opening, assessing the job requirements, reviewing applications, eliminating, shortlisting and selecting the right candidate. Recruitment process aims to find the appropriate candidate for the right job at the right time. Recruitment process involves job description, person specification, application forms, terms of employment, and benefits and rewards. Nexton (Pvt) Ltd would use the recruitment process in order to retrieve the candidate who is qualified for the position of sales manager.

Job Description

Job description is a document that consists of job requirements, job commitments and responsibilities, and skills needed for a specific job. It will often include the points needed to measure its role so it can be used later during employee performance evaluation. Nexton (Pvt) Ltd. Needs to create a job recruitment documentation for the position of sales manager in this document they would include a position for which the candidate would be applying that is the sales manager, it would also include a section about job details which would cover the points regarding the qualifications and education required, job shift and type etc. which would help to determine whether the candidate is capable enough for the position of sales manager.

Person Specification

Person specification is the major part of the job description as it focuses on the most suitable candidate for the job description set and helps to recruit the candidate in lesser time hence without wasting any time Nexton’s employment form should clearly specify that they are looking for candidates that are qualified enough for the position of sales manager. Along that it should also state the salary or wages the employee would receive according to the skill and commitment level of the employee. The document should state the skills required for the sales manager. Along that it should also state the age criteria and past job experience of the candidate.

Application forms are one of the other key elements that are involved in the job recruitment process for a sales manager. Application forms are basically the forms that are filled by the candidate in order to list for the job. They can be either online or in hardcopy. Application forms will help speed up the recruitment process for Nexton as it helps identify the candidates with potential hence Nexton can decide easily upon shortlisting them for the next round that is interviewing. By using the help of application form only then Nexton would be able to recruit candidates for the job. As it would highlight the candidates who are interested for the post of sales manager and then Nexton would shortlist these candidates accordingly and will be able to save a lot of time.

Terms of Employment

Terms of employment are one of the key factors involved in the recruitment process. These are the responsibilities and benefits of a job as committed by the employer and the employee at the time of recruitment. These generally include following the ethics, the dress code, employer and employee behavior and etc. these are basically the terms and conditions of the workplace specified by the company. Nexton includes these terms, as these terms help the candidate in opting for the vacant position of sales manager and after becoming familiar with the terms of employment the candidate would know whether the job is feasible for them or not.

Benefits and Rewards

Benefits and rewards are play their role as well in the recruitment process. They basically offer the perks to employees employed by the company, they are there for the convenience of its employees. They attract the employees to work harder to get these rewards in the process of getting the task done and at the end receiving a benefit. These benefits consist of maternity leaves, receiving a company loan and pay raise if the work is exceptionally good, and health insurance. Nexton includes the benefits and rewards in its recruitment documentation which would allow the candidate to be familiar with the perks of the job and thus will encourage the candidate to apply for the job.

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