How Makeup Affects Society

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Many young women and even men have insecurities that make them feel like they should wear makeup to feel more confident within themselves. Most people are familiar with makeup and its abilities to alter one’s appearance and mask blemishes or insecurities. However, with makeup’s growth in popularity, the role it plays in society has shifted. To many, makeup is no longer seen as an optional part of the daily routine. Instead, makeup is now seen as a societal must, particularly for young girls. There are many makeup gurus and artists all over social media that greatly influence these young girls and boys. These women and men appear perfect on social media and look immaculate in their beautifully blended makeup.

Societies appraisal of the perfectly done up woman has left young women and men with the feeling that their natural beauty is subpar and inadequate. Consequently, makeup is no longer perceived as a commodity that can be done once in a while at one’s leisure. There is now much more to makeup than bettering one’s appearance. Makeup can be an art form, a self-esteem booster and even a self-care act. While makeup is intended to be an enjoyable and uplifting commodity, makeup is often only taken for its shallow reasoning of hiding appearances and has become a daily necessity for young women and men. Given such, the effect of social media and the beauty standards of society should be acknowledged so that these young teens don’t let their self-esteem rely on the amount of makeup they apply to their face.

According to the article, “How Makeup Changes Us” published by Sarah Berry, she discusses how makeup not only changes others’ perception of us, but also changes our perception of ourselves. “When women wear make-up they tend to see themselves in a more objective light and are likely to feel more self-confident and sociable” (Berry, 1). Berry states that it has allowed women to feel more sociable when wearing makeup and more self-confident because of what they apply to their faces. It gives them a confidence booster and helps them feel better about themselves as well. They have applied something to their faces to cover up their blemishes and insecurities helps lets them think they are beautiful when they should think that with their bare face as well.

There is a reason why those who wear makeup feel insecure when they are without it. As claimed by the article, “Makeup Can Provide a Fleeting Confidence Boost to Some,” written by Nancy Etcoff, “Seen very quickly (250 milliseconds), women wearing makeup looked more attractive, likeable, competent and trustworthy to our viewers than those who went without it” (Etcoff, 1). This leads to the usage of makeup increasing making it harder for those to stop wearing makeup when they do not want to. Often times, people do not realize how much of an impact makeup is to one person until they view themselves without it. This reveals how dependent one can become about wearing makeup once it is part of a daily ritual.

Furthermore, cosmetics was not only used for the benefits of self-confidence, or just a form of art on the face. According to the article, “The “power” of makeup is a double-edged word,” makeup products that contain chemical compounds are used to enhance one’s features and appearances. It has been apart of our society and culture for centuries, such as way back in Ancient Egypt. The Egyptians were the first to use cosmetics in the form of scented oils to heal, soften skin, and mask body odor. In addition, “Just like painting, you are applying abstract colours into a canvas which is, in this case, your face; similarly to drawing, you are shading in features to help them stand out and create depth in your work..”(Isabel, 1) she discusses how cosmetics are used as a form of art to many people who enjoy applying makeup to their faces. These women and men use a variety of makeup products to experiment applying different colors and shades onto their faces. It is in relation to an artist using different colors to create their masterpiece.


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