Issue of Teenage Makeup

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In today’s generation, most teenagers seem to have a picture to keep; but for many others, this public image involves every day trying to cover up their faces in cosmetics. Adolescents might have a concept of the power and influence of such makeup on their skin, however, they might not completely understand its damaging association to skin problems. Makeup still seems to have a trace of such toxic chemicals, it is the most incredibly expensive female products and women will feel self-conscious without it.

Briefly, makeup can be dangerous to everyday users. It’s really enjoyable as well as ladylike, such a shove of mascara and even bronzer really can give a brief boost in confidence. However, on the other hand, there’s a downside to it. We as females can’t help but suspect: if we are hurting our pores or even our skin whenever we put on foundation all over our face. Adolescents are starting to wear makeup more than ever, like it’s something they need to do. Whatever young teens think, makeup will always have the ingredients that might not be the best thing to be used frequently in our very face, but as well all know, the great majority of the makeup is clustered all around the mouth and eyes-two of some of the most delicate as well as vulnerable areas in the face.

Some makeup products will create problems for some teens, this really just depends on the individual like their kind of skin, as well as the products they use can cause severe skin issues. First of all, most makeup that is on the market actually contains dangerous toxins such as lead, colors or even contamination. Lead is indeed a confirmed neurotoxin, which is a toxin that is poisonous or also can cause harm to the nervous tissue. It is associated with miscarriage, lowering fertility, and even delays in female puberty. Lipsticks and eyeshadows eventually led to the lead sinking inside your epidermis. Amongst many harmful effects, lead can also cause serious complications, like your blood pressure could go up. In short words, the compounds that are consumed by your skin can long – term damage your health for all who wear it frequently.

In contrast, it is an incredible enhancer of self – confidence that enables women to cover their imperfections as well as other defects on their faces that result in confidence, strength and happiness. It does not only help women, but also men who are in the makeup industry, for example, James Charles, a makeup artist known for being the first male Covergirl spokesperson. James is a 19 year old male and he started using makeup at a very young age, his skin looking flawless as ever. As well as other artists, like Jeffree Star and Manny Mua. With them, some women might feel the need of using makeup, since they see their skin not really breaking out, or them having no problems with it. It with give the individuals the trust in using makeup.

Makeup is not cheap. The prices for high – quality products are absurdly costly and people will always need a generous quantity of products for an easy look. However, it isn’t just the products that are going to do all the work, if teens are not good at doing their makeup, it’ll make them feel unsatisfied anyway. As we all know, beauty products can be very pricey, they have a stronger formulation that usually last longer and sometimes even come in different beautiful packages. It’s increasingly difficult to find your best preference of product because trial and error will upset your wallet, for example, you walk in the Sephora store, purchase a 60 dollar or more product, let’s say the Tom Ford Traceless Foundation Stick, you try it at home and it’s not your color, you can’t return it since you already used it, so all that money just went to waste. This is called trial and error, and sometimes even the best stuff isn’t obviously worth the cost which you can get it at a drugstore makeup that often gets the job done, since it is so much better and significantly cheaper.

However, this would surely mean more skin issues, since makeup is cheaper in drugstores it could will produce more bad chemicals in the skin. Some females will buy it because they think it’s worth it, like what female wouldn’t want to buy better makeup? This is what most females think of it today, if they buy expensive makeup, they think it’ll be better for their skin, but no. It won’t be, because they are still putting those chemicals on their face. It’ll make them feel beautiful, but in reality they’re making it worse on themselves for their future.

Many females are so brainwashed by the photos of other females they see in publications, films and even on tv, that almost all feel uneasy without any makeup on. In fact, many individuals refuse to leave their home without it. As humans can’t go out without makeup without ever being led to believe we look exhausted or cranky, which would be a huge impact to our self confidence, making us feel our natural human face and flaws are not really considered to be acknowledged in today’s society.

Perhaps some young women do it because they like the way they look with makeup. It simply gives them the security of feeling beautiful, knowing they are changing their whole face with makeup that they are pleasured of the way they chose to look. Even some teenagers are too used to it that it becomes a habit. They feel insecure without it, so whenever they go out, they need it. For example, there is a female that always wears her hair down because she feels insecure about the way her shoulders look if she puts her hair up in a ponytail.

Why are some women not wearing shorts in public? Or why do people wear cover up clothes in the hot weather? It’s more often the insecurity. Or maybe individuals use it in order for seduction, they want other people to feel attracted to them. A reason why it is so seductive to others is because of how that person’s health looks. Like when using makeup, it obviously will change the way your health looks. For example, using concealer under your eyes will help that person look more energetic. As well as attention, wearing at least one product, for instance, just foundation will increase the attention to that person. In today’s generation, what most people look at on an individual is their looks.

This is such a bad example for society, because it makes it even worse that females have to think that without it they look bad, when it’s the product that is. However, wearing makeup can also help you connect with other women, like for example, the females that can’t go without makeup, they wear it because they think they are not on that level of other girls that wear makeup they see in public, making them insecure. This is especially the case when a female assumes another teenager is going to criticise them when seeing them. But think of it as your health, it is bad in the long run, who would want a wrinklier skin when they get older? No one.

We use makeup to conceal our imperfections such as pores or even pigment stains that we have on our skin, but the problem with this is that the more stuff we use on our face, the tougher it is for our skin to breathe. Once the pores of our face are coated, it will just cause skin discomfort. But the more our hands come in contact with our face as well as the makeup, the more we damage our skin to become wrinkly.

Either way, the quality of these cosmetic products will always have chemicals of their own that lead to outbreaks and will cause acne and skin irritation. It is a product that has undergone numerous improvements over the generations, first it started with clear lipsticks with no harmful formula, now it’s done with pigmented colors, like the red lipstick containing potentially harmful ingredients such as lead. Even the cost of the product is too much, you buy three products and that is one hundred dollars there. Lastly, you get too used to it that later on, you realize you can’t go without it, because you will be feeling self-conscious about yourself.


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Can teenager wear makeup?
Yes, teenagers are old enough to wear makeup. They just need to be careful not to overdo it.
How has makeup affected society?
Makeup has affected society in a number of ways. It has helped people to feel more confident and has also been used as a form of self-expression.
Is it OK to wear makeup at 15?
There is no definitive answer to this question as it is ultimately up to the individual. Some people may feel comfortable wearing makeup at 15, while others may not. Ultimately, it is important to do what makes you feel good and confident.
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