History of Makeup

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Makeup has its powerful impact on teenagers and adult women in our generation. Like those days when your feeling confident and are not embarrassed about anything or you are that type of person that can’t go a day without it you and just feel naked. That’s when you see that person’s confidence went away in a second. Makeup was also expressed by art, artist around the world would do these crazy looks on themself to express their true emotion and personality. Makeup has its origins in helping women feel more confident about themselves but it has evolved in our society through advancements into an art form that helps express a sense of creativity.

Makeup all began with the Egyptians, both sexes used makeup because aesthetic and therapeutic reasons.”The earliest historical record of makeup comes from the 1st Dynasty of Egypt (c.3100-2907 BC).Romans widely used cosmetics by the middle of the 1st century AD.” (French). There makeup was mostly used by men and women to keep their skin hydrated and safes and to avoid wrinkles from the dry heat. The women of Egypt also decorated their eyes by applying dark green color to the under and on top of the lid and blackening with kohl, which was made from antimony. It started to evolve around Europe,in Greco-Roman women wore white lead and chalk on their faces. During the Regency era, the most important item was rouge, which was most used by everyone.

At that time, eyebrows were blackened and hair was dyed so they can look younger and get men to notice them. Most of the makeup recipes where made of herbs, flowers, fat, brandy, vegetables, spring water and, of course, crushed strawberries. At the time white skin signified a life of leisure. And skin exposed to the sun indicated a life of outdoor labor. In order to maintain a pale skin, women wore bonnets and carried parasols, and covered all visible parts of their bodies. Women used henna dyes to stain their hair and faces. During the European middle ages, pale skin was a sign of wealth which helped them get married. Sixth century women sought drastic measures to achieve that look by bleeding themselves which brought many skin problem.Unfortunately, more than a few of these remedies were lethal. Makeup can have its ways to express but it can bring many problems to one self.

Modern makeup in this century is expressed through art it’s just not covering up imperfections or wearing it because you have that date to get ready for it’s way more than we all expected.”Today’s makeup isn’t heavy; it’s light, almost translucent, so that natural skin tones can show through then it used to be back then.”(Schreiber). As the years went makeup started getting really popular in 2013 by showing the audience simple but glam looks for young or older women and men for them to look at and practice. But as the years went on our generation and makeup artist just took makeup to a whole new level, making the appearance to look like other celebrities with the power of makeup, having makeup challenges to see what twist they have on the challenge, or by simply doing these complex eyeshadow and face makeup. Makeup today has just evolved from just trying to be beautiful to just making these wild colored eye and face look. In 2016 a lot of men started using makeup and have become very famous some even do makeup on famous celebrities and earn very good money. Makeup artists earn very good money then it did back then, they can earn up to $50k a month just by doing a simple look. Now in this world people just show their creativity in many different ways.

Makeup can also have its effects on a person’s confidences and appearances. Makeup has become so deeply embedded in our society’s culture as a normality for women.”Though during certain periods men have worn makeup, in modern times it has usually been considered a decoration for women only.” (Greenwald). Society has constructed the idea that using makeup is an activity women do because it’s a big factor of being female. No one is born wearing makeup, but only their natural skin, society has labeled the word “natural” when a female is seen without thats when women might not think twice about applying makeup because it is just a part of their everyday routine.

For the people that wear makeup consistently, it can often be difficult to go without it. Many of woman typically start to wear makeup in middle or high school and it has become a part of their daily routines. Getting up in the morning, put on clothes and do there makeup. Often times, women don’t even realize how much it affects us until we are in a position to be without it. Imagine it’s Sunday morning, and you’re going to going out to a family breakfast and you aren’t wearing any makeup. Don’t you feel different, let’s take that as a yes? Maybe you make less eye contact when interacting with people? Chances are, you feel less confident because you aren’t wearing any makeup. Makeup can have these effects to wear at some point you have to photoshop your face so people can cover imperfections more or typically girls wear more makeup so they can get more attention.


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